According to one report, the production of an ultra-sharp Retina display has been launched for a smaller and more affordable 13.3-inch version of Apple's MacBook Pro already. In addition, other sources have emerged that confirm the speculation.

Rumors of a smaller MacBook Pro battery with a 13-inch retina display already been shortly after the Apple Developers Conference in circulation and now regularly appear again and again. Compared with American colleagues from CNET now NPD Group analyst Richard Shim has reported that the production of the new MacBook Pro Retina already underway and the publication should take place shortly after the iPad mini.

According to analyst Richard Shim Apple has already begun production of high-resolution retina displays for the planned 13.3-inch version of the MacBook Pro and Powerbook g4. The reports the U.S. technology site CNet. Apple plans according to Shim to produce the 13.3-inch display in a larger scale production, as it was (15 inches) the case with the launch of the current MacBook Pro. Shim expects Apple depending on the error rate in the production of between one and two million are displays for the smaller version in order. The production of flat panel displays, which dissolve with 2.560x1.600 pixels assume that manufacturers Samsung, LG and Sharp.

CNet has now conjured also another source of the hat, which verified the rumors of August 2012 at the production of the 13-inch version of a MacBook Pro: An analyst at NPD DisplaySearch have the site confirmed that the smaller Apple laptop with Retina display is still located in the production schedule. This is consistent with previous published by CNet information from Richard Shim. Shims latest speculation by Apple could launch the new MacBook Pro for the iPad mini in the fourth quarter of 2012 to the market.

With the production of a smaller, high-resolution MacBook Pro, Apple m8511 could reduce the currently high price level of the current version noticeably - the MacBook Pro (15-inch) Retina display in the standard version currently available from approximately 2279 euros. Another plus: The stripped-down version of the MacBook Pro, the weight reduction compared to the 15-inch model - the promise of comfort. Shim expects the already started production of the displays with a market starting from autumn 2012.

The new Apple a1045 model is expected to have a 13-inch display with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels and may even hit with a comparable price. The devices could be only slightly more expensive than the MacBook Pro version without the retina display and thus also for the normal user to be interesting.

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