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Frankfurt, Germany Photographer Maik Lipp (aka usrdck) has traveled the world to take pictures of unique architecture of each city visited. New York and Barcelona to Singapore and Hong Kong Dell 1440 battery, Lipp has captured the essence of the architecture of each city in black and white, from different perspectives.

The images of the photographers have two architectural monuments and construction drawings culturally rich surprising perspectives. Many shots Lipp seem almost abstract, geometric motifs repetitive but catchy arrangements. Sometimes the composition carefully adjusted, it is difficult to decipher what is seen and what angle. They are like pieces of a larger puzzle that is your city.


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U.DTR also Ultra desktop replacement, and that's exactly what it promises ... Eliminate the defects of both laptops and desktops, to form an extremely versatile replacement device. The most obvious new feature is the touch screen 'mouth', which raises the monitor to a comfortable height, similar to a desktop computer. Did we mention it's touch screen! Other extras include a keyboard at an angle, ergonomic, carefully placed connections and reduced weight of the battery.

Another drastic redesign is U.DTR main battery replacement. Due to their high energy consumption and working hours are desktop replacements are almost always connected to a desktop to the power grid. In this scenario, the internal battery is partially wide up to 50% of the total weight. For this reason, with U.DTR developed a small, built-in battery, while an external battery pack provides extended power.

Designer: Marin Myftiu Dell D631 battery



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Freelance graphic designer Tang Chiew Ling uses all kinds of everyday objects to create simple and playful illustrations. In this series, Object Art 2: Cotton's Fun, Ling has blended very basic line drawings with simple puffs of cotton balls. She says, "In this project, most of my thoughts are more on a childhood dream or a child imagination." Through her use of the soft, plush material, the Malaysia-based artist magically transforms her flat images into something that viewers will instantly want to reach out touch.

Other than the rainbow, all of Ling's drawings are black ink on brown paper. Sitting in direct contrast, the white cotton forms the pile of vanilla ice cream sitting on top of a cone, the steam from a coffee cup, and even a single water droplet falling out of a tap. Just like artists Marta Alt茅s and Juana Medina , Tang Chiew Ling uses simple objects that inspire us to look around and to see the potential in even the most basic things in our everyday lives.

via [Unknown Editors Pet Supplies


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Though it's more of a day-cruiser than a full-size yacht, the Spearhead doesn't skim on style or quality. The wing-stabilized leisure craft features classic wood detailing and a simple, minimal floorplan that makes the most of limited space. The more compact, sharp, and hydrodynamic shape make it ideal choice for those looking for powerboat performance with upscale trim.

Designer: Alexander Shevchenko FPCBP200


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Cartoon dolls, plush dolls, those toys are girl's and children’s favorite, every girl's childhood has a part of dolls’ memories. The iMMi powerbank in Amazon Thirdshopping

The funny, cute, lovely facial expression, with exquisite plush craft, soft and comfortable, let us have to love it. In the other hand, it can also be use a gift, on her birthday, gave your beloved one a lovely doll will be able to capture her hearts and minds. If a doll combines with a mobile power bank, that it is not able to view but also can charge for the digital equipments, allow your love power supply uninterruptibled, dual-use, more pleasure. Today, let us take a look at how iMMi cartoon mobile power bank performed?

iMMi comes from Korea, it is a fast emerging global brand which dedicated in digital, electronic products accessories, providing comprehensive protection, conservation, landscaping integration solutions for digital & electronics products. iMMi design team comes from, Italy, USA, South Korea, Japan and other countries, they has many years of world-renowned brand design and manufacturing experience; iMMi electronics accessories using the most advanced technologies and materials, with the artist's vision and boundless enthusiasm for life, devoted to each products detail crafted to bring you fashion, leisure boutique products.

In this summer, iMMi released 25 models of popular cartoon power banks including 12 Constellations, 4 colors rabbits, 9 colors bears. They are different with the normal cartoon power banks, as they are made by real velvet, soft and comfortable nap, with a temperature feel, comfortable and intimate, the little clothes/cloaks on the plush bank can be removed, you can change and create beautiful clothes for it, with tasteful packaing to let it be a ideal gift for your lover and friends. Everyone will love it, especially the girls and young people.

iMMI power bank’s ass equipped with a USB output port and a Micro USB input interface, if you do not look the back of it, you will never know that is a mobile power bank, built in 5200mah capacity allows you to travel easily with power. The live buckle design give you option to hanging it in the bag or in your hand, you could walk thousands of miles accompany with the music, while enjoying the roadside scenery. Let’s iMMI lead the lifestyle with us together !  



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We commonly overlook the fact that the water we use to clean dishes, flush the toilet, or water plants is the same quality of what we drink! It’s not only unnecessary, but wasteful when we use new fresh water rather than reuse it for multiple purposes. The DuO sink system aims to solve this problem in the kitchen with a simple dual-reservoir design that separates reusable water from sewage. The saved water can then be used to water plants or assist in the dish-washing cycle.

Designer: Joris Bonnesoeur HP G62 battery



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Samsung and screens, it's a long love and the South Korean manufacturer has just proved once again unveiling new slabs especially designed for touch tablets, of course, but also for computers history phones. Why are they special? They simply enjoy a high definition, one can reach up to 2560 x 1600 for the screens ... 10.1 inches. Yes, friends, you read that right and it's not a mistake, Samsung bp70a battery is now capable of producing 10-inch screens displaying as high as that of screens 13.3-inch MacBook Pro Retina definition. And both say that this portends good things in perspective.

These are two new screens that have been put forward by Samsung slb 10a battery. First, we have to talk about as it is this 10.1 inch screen is capable of displaying 2560 x 1600 without flinching. All with a resolution of 299 dpi. A great performance, yes, but that is not very surprising, since the company had already hit hard with the Nexus 10 presented last year.

The second Fujitsu fpcbp176 screen, meanwhile, takes the idea even further. It is indeed a 13.3 inch screen that displays a record definition because up until 3200 x 1800 or better than the Retina MacBook Pro 15-inch, and even better than the Chromebook pixels. Recall that these actually show respectively a resolution of 2800 x 1800 and 2560 x 1700. Resolution, however, does not exceed 276 dpi, but it's still better than machines mentioned a little earlier.

However, the best is yet to come. For another Fujitsu fpcbp155ap feature of these screens is that they consume less energy and more. According to figures announced by Samsung, we speak of a gain exceeding 30%, which will be of interest to everybody who attaches great importance to the autonomy of their terminals.

Then of course, there will be a few months before seeing the first machines taking advantage of these new screens, but nonetheless it is still very promising on paper, especially for those who handle a lot of images.

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Sony posted a strange video, or rather a teasing, showing some of its next home console and therefore the PlayStation 4. A very rhythmic and that showcases the artistic blur video, all with a large number of sequences chaining at a breakneck pace. Taking his courage in both hands, a Reddit user decided to get their hands dirty and reassemble all the sequences in order to proceed with the recovery console. The result is quite interesting and it finally gives us a good idea of ​​what the PS4 could look like. The image is of course later in the article.

It must be admitted, the teaser released by Sony vgp-bps9 did not lack pace. Not really, in fact, and the video has aligned twenty sequences of very short duration, sequences focusing on some of the pieces of the console. I also made some history you facilitate reading catches the past are available at this address, and it seems I'm not the only one who had the idea.

Proof of this is some-Albino Zebra did exactly the same thing as me in Sony vgp-bps21 but he has shown a little more courageous than your humble servant since decided to assemble these images to determine the general lines of the console. After many hours of tinkering, he managed to get a result and thus supposed to represent the famous console that has caused so much ink since the beginning of the year picture.

PlayStation 4: towards more angular curves?
It is of course very difficult to know if this image is reality, only a privileged few should know at the moment, but it is not inconsistent. In fact, the Sony vgp-bps13b reconstructed image on console quite like a PlayStation 3, but with a more angular shell and that showcases the metal. All with a number of premium ventilation grilles.

As to whether it is actually the PlayStation 4, well only time will tell. At last, it is actually question Sony vgp-bps13 unveils its new console during E3 2013, and it will have to wait next month to be fixed.

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As the technology magazine c't reported, Acer and HP have added new notebooks in its portfolio that are equipped with still-unannounced AMD processors Temash and Kabini family. AMD has so far only presented variants of these SoCs for embedded market, the models for ultra-thin notebooks and tablets, the successor of the Brazos generation (E-, C-and Z-series APUs) intended to go to the start the chip manufacturer is silent so far. However, Acer and HP pavilion g6 battery become annoyed obviously not.

The new Acer as07a71 notebook V5-122P was presented as part of a product offensive, the Taiwanese manufacturer until early May. However, technical details made ​​himself scarce at that time. How to find now, is in the unit with 11.6-inch touch screen, a quad-core SoC with Temash architecture that AMD has actually designed for tablets. According c't the chip is officially known as A6-1450 is clocked at 1 GHz and has 2 MB L2 cache.

HP, however, equipped among other things, some entry-level notebooks of the 255 series (PDF) with AMD Kabini SoCs. The Acer Aspire 5740 battery devices offer a 15.6-inch display and will be available with the following new AMD chips: the dual-core SoCs E1-2500 (1.4 GHz, 1 MB L2 cache) and E2-3000 (1, 65 GHz, 1 MB L2 cache) and quad-core variants A4-5000 (1.5 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache) and A6-5200 (2.0 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache).

Lie about prices and availability of the HP 610 Battery devices currently have no information. The V5-122P from Acer is already sold by this German online retailers and costs around 450 euros.

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Sony unveils the Xperia ZR another powerful Android smartphone in the Z-series. The device is very similar to the company's Sony vgp-bps26 Xperia Z (or the Xperia ZL), the flagship model and offers similar features, but has a smaller 4.6-inch display with a lower resolution.

The new Sony vgp-bps24 Xperia ZR is protected just like his big brother against dust and water resistant and the 30 minutes to a depth of 1.5 meters. When the NEUVORSTELLUNG screen is a so-called Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, but that does not measure 5 but 4.6 inches in diagonal screen size and only HD (1,280 x 720 pixels), not full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) dissolves.

In the smartphone chassis also quite stuck-performance components. The necessary computing power a Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC from Qualcomm, Sony vgp-bps20 which has four CPU cores clocked at 1.5 GHz provides. The processor has 2 GB of RAM and 8 gigabytes of flash memory to the side, where the latter can be further expanded via micro SD card slot.

Sony np f330 battery highlights at the launch of the Xperia ZR addition of water resistance, especially the camera. It is a copy, which dissolves with 13 megapixels, Exmor RS is equipped with sensor and can even record underwater videos in full HD. The focus is on the camera also emphasizes the fact that Sony installs a dedicated camera shutter button on the side of its new smartphones.

The 138 grams and 10.5 millimeters thick heavy Sony vgp-bps12 Xperia ZR donated the manufacturer also provides support for LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and Wi-Fi b / g / n. The battery should be strong enough to allow in UMTS talk time of up to 13 hours. The operating system is Jelly Bean Android 4.1 pre-installed on the  Remote Dog training Shock Collar device.

According to data from Sony vgp-bps22, the Xperia is still in the ZR 2 Quarter of 2013 to go to various international markets at the start, with a recommended retail price of the manufacturer but not named yet.


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Sony with its Vaio S13, one of the few manufacturers to offer an ultraportable equipped with an Ivy Bridge classic processor. In recent days, a new version is marketed in France. The program for this Sony vgp-bps23 Vaio SVS1312J3EW an Intel Core i5-3210M processor, an attractive design, weighing only 1.7 kg and of course, Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft.

The Sony vgp-bps13 Vaio SVS1312J3EW is a model that is designed for people looking for an ultraportable but do not want to neglect the performance by opting for a low-power platform. Unlike many ultrabooks, the Vaio SVS13 is equipped with an Intel Core i5-3210M processor, a model that can meet the needs of most users. Side of the coin, this power is felt on self struggling to exceed four hours with the standard battery in common use.

No surprise, however, since the side of the graph Sony vgp-bps9 Vaio SVS13 is merely the integrated graphics chip. However, the HD4000 chipset boasts increased performance over the previous generation and can without difficulty handle videos, including High Definition. Casual gamers, ready to make some concessions on the graphics settings with recent titles, will also be seduced by this ultraportable. And for users who want a dedicated graphics card, you can always opt for a Geforce GT 640M LE on Sony store online.

The rest of the configuration is fairly standard, including a 13.3-inch panel with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Good point, it has an anti-glare treatment. The Sony vgp-bpl20 storage space is average, as is the connection even if the presence of two USB 3.0 ports and a Bluetooth 4.0 chip is appreciable.

The Sony vgp-bps22a Vaio SVS1312J3EW is available at less than 900 € at Fnac. It is one of very few ultraportables with Intel Ivy Bridge processor which is not low power as you can see from our price comparison.

You can also get the Vaio SVS1312 on Sony vgp-bps13as store online for € 829. In addition, players can enjoy exclusive LaptopSpirit a discount of 7% (see this article for more details). Either a final price of € 771! Users who wish can also enjoy the Sony store online to customize the configuration of their future Vaio.


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Toshiba launches in France the Qosmio X870-156, a versatile laptop performance 17.3-inch gamer oriented works in Intel Chief River and Windows 8 platform. For less than 1400 euros, it incorporates a dedicated graphics card Nvidia premium associated with Optimus technology, Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, a good amount of RAM, hard drive capacity, a Full HD panel, a keyboard chiclet backlit, a Harman Kardon audio solution but also a connectivity including HDMI, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and Intel Wireless Display.

The Toshiba pa3534u-1brs Qosmio X870-156 is for those who have a good budget and want to be equipped with a versatile laptop size but big powerful players.

To attract them, it incorporates a dedicated high-end graphics card, the GeForce GTX 670M. Admittedly, this is not the most recent time with his Fermi architecture in 40nm whereas the GTX 670MX Version advantage of Kepler 28nm but it appears nevertheless powerful. The user can through her indulge in her favorite games, including the newest and resource intensive 3D with minor concessions in the past.

Toshiba pa3535u 1brs must be said that the high resolution Full HD slab requires more calculations to the GPU as 1366x768 for example implying a lower number of fps for the same game and gave little impact on the flow. Despite all thanks to the power of the GTX 670M, many titles can pass a good level of detail in native resolution on this laptop.

The Toshiba pa3819u-1brs screen therefore offers a large, well suited for HD content viewing and leisure space and especially the HD video playback with the 16:9 format and glossy treatment that brings out the colors but appears susceptible to reflections . So, the lack of Blu-Ray reader will annoy some.

Remains with his nice amount of RAM and 8 GB Core i7-3630QM processor, this laptop delivers solid performance in all situations, including of course in multitasking that allows you to see ahead. In addition, these components are very well suited for demanding applications in RAM and CPU resources exploiting four cores Ivy Bridge processor, which is the case for example in 3D, video editing and photo editing made: the treatments are so much more fast with 4GB DDR3 and a Dual Core processor.

If the GeForce GTX 670M is requested during heavy graphics work, the Toshiba pa3451u 1brs laptop is running on maximum graphics Intel HD 4000 integrated Core i7. Although less powerful though it can still handle 1080p HD video, it is also more energy efficient resulting in greater autonomy.

It's Optimus technology which is responsible for the switch to Intel HD 4000 GeForce GTX 670M and vice versa automatically and in real time according to the tasks requested by the user.

This Toshiba satellite p300 battery laptop also enjoys a good connectivity, including wireless with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi modules n with Intel Wireless Display technology to stream to a TV WiDi or connected to adequate housing content on the PC and to the distance and wireless.

The connector also includes four USB 3.0 compatible USB 2.0 delivers faster transfers than USB 2.0 if one branch of USB 3.0 devices, two of which are equipped with the technology to recharge Sleep'N'Charge a small device even if the PC is in standby or off. In these states, it is also possible to stream on-speaker Harman Kardon music from a small device (MP3 player that) plugged into the microphone jack. We also found the headset and Ethernet ports as well as HDMI and VGA video outputs to easily practice connecting the computer to a TV for example.

For Toshiba satellite a305 battery part, the hard disk has a capacity of 1000 GB can store it so many diverse and varied files also install amount of games and software. However bad it is not faster which would further strengthened system responsiveness that no shortage still at the base.

Finally, we appreciate the chiclet keyboard keys can be backlit which is important to distinguish them in the dark.


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The touchpad offers multitouch all features (zoom / de-zoom with two fingers and scroll to 2, 3 and 4 fingers) and a pretty good glide. Unfortunately, the coating is the same as the 14-inch model. It retains fingerprints and hangs when the pressure is too strong.

Small disappointment on the keyboard if it still fits as well in the chassis, HP has used exactly the same keyboard as the HP probook 4520s battery Envy 4. We therefore have an unused over 3 cm on each side band. This gave way to a keypad.

As on many HP 625 battery notebooks, shortcuts (volume control, brightness of the screen and keyboard ...) do not require that you press the fn key to be used. In contrast, the F1, F2 require pressure combined with the function key.

Connectivity, the HP Probook 4320s battery Envy 6 provides the means to meet current needs with 3 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output, an SD card reader, an RJ45 port, a headphone jack and a microphone jack. Good news, contrary to what is found on other ultrabooks, here, all the connectors are standard, but optional adapters.

The Envy 6 makes very little noise. Even when components are stress, the fan is quiet. However, the rise in temperature seems to suffer. Despite the single processor Core i3 low consumption, it rises in places to nearly 50 ° C. It is not dangerous to the health of components, but it can be quite unpleasant for the knees.

Received test configuration includes an Intel Core i3-2367M processor, 4GB of memory, Intel HD 3000 graphics chipset, and a 128 GB SSD Unlike the rest of the test, which is valid for all Envy 6 (see box below cons), only the variation tested here is concerned with our comments on the performance and HP 620 battery life.

Little surprise side computing power. Equipped with an Intel Core i3-2367M processor and 4GB of RAM, the Envy 6 walks in office and internet browsing and keeps a little room for a little heavier as the video encoding tasks. While not the fastest in its class, it will be perfectly at home in common use. It should not, however, count on him when you need power at all costs.

With 2.5 kg and autonomy (video playback, screen 100 cd / m², Wi-Fi off and headphones plugged) of 5:07, the  HP BQ350AA Envy 6 is a public interest in the search for a mobile machine. However, it is important to remember that if it is less than 2 cm thick, its other measurements (width 374 mm and length 252.8 mm) rank near the 15.6-inch "common". Slip into a backpack is not always easy.


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Die Tastatur hatte ein wenig Transformation. Es ist nun der von hinten beleuchteten Chiclet-Tasten vorgenommen. Für den Rest ist keine Veränderung, Typisierung noch weich und komfortabel, und auch Schlüssel zu ihrem Standard-Zimmer.

Das Multitouch-Touchpad ist die gleiche wie die Dell inspiron 1420 akku V130. Es ist immer präzise und bietet eine angenehme und reibungslose Fahrt.

Die Webcam bietet V131 ordnungsgemäße Erbringung. Die schwarze nicht blockiert ist, das weiß nicht verbrannt wird, ist die Rückkehr Bewegung Flüssigkeit. Einziges Manko: das Bild hat eine leichte Tendenz zu schwärmen.

Während die meisten der Verbindungen der V130 wurde auf der Rückseite des Dell inspiron 1545 akku V131 konzentriert an den Seiten entfernt. Auf der rechten Seite ist ein RJ45-(Ethernet)-Anschluss, VGA-Ausgang, zwei USB 3.0 Ports und ein Kopfhöreranschluss. Auf der linken Seite einen HDMI-Ausgang, USB 2.0 und ein SD-Karten-Steckplatz. Auf der Rückseite gibt es nur den Netzstecker.

Relativ ruhig am Anfang, wird dieses Notebook zu hören, wenn ein Programm oder drücken Sie ein Bit-Komponenten installiert sind. Für die Abdeckung wird Hintergrundmusik erforderlich. Für seinen Teil, könnte die Vertreibung der Hitze System intelligenter gestaltet werden. In der Tat, mit der Veröffentlichung von der Luft auf der Seite und auf dem Boden, wird es schnell unbequem, um es auf dem Schoß haben. Mit einem System vertreiben heiße Luft zwischen dem Chassis und Bildschirm, zum Beispiel, könnten wir diese Art von Unannehmlichkeiten vermieden werden können.

Berechnungen: gute Leistung

Während das Dell xps m1730 akku V130 musste für einen Low-Power-Prozessor absetzen bietet das V131 einen Core i5-2410M, viel mächtiger. Sehr präsent in den Notebooks des Jahres 2011, kann sie alles anfassen. Das Büro und das Surfen im Internet sind ein Kinderspiel für ihn. Für anspruchsvollere Anwendungen (Video-Encoding, 3D-Modellierung, Dekompression), ist es immer noch wirksam und zeigt durchaus sinnvoll Rechenzeit.

Wiedergabe von Videos in High Definition (HD 1080p Blu-ray-Äquivalent) glatt geht. Wir empfehlen es für den Einsatz der Video-Wiedergabe-Funktionen des integrierten Grafik (Intel HD 3000). Diese Hardware-Unterstützung für Full HD 1080p-Videos, ohne den Prozessor zu decodieren ist dann frei für andere Aufgaben.

Starten des Dell inspiron 17r akku Windows 7 64-Bit wird in 43 Sekunden aufgebaut. Es dauert dann zwischen 10 und 20 Sekunden, um andere Software zu starten und eine Verbindung zu einem Wi-Fi-Netzwerk Die vollständige Auslöschung ist wiederum weniger als 10 Sekunden.

Ohne eine dedizierte Grafikkarte, ist die V131 nicht mehr in der Lage als der V130 für 3D-Spiele-Performance Kurz, es kann noch laufen letzten Spiele wie Starcraft 2 oder Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 mit Grafikdetails auf Minimum, kein Fan Traum Spiel, außer vielleicht diejenigen, die den Retro-Gaming üben ...

Mit seinem 6-Zellen-Akku (65 Wh), der Dell m911g V131-Displays eine Reihe von 4.35 (Video-Wiedergabe, Kopfhörer eingesteckt in, Bildschirm mit 100 cd / m², Wi-Fi und Bluetooth aus). Ist 2 Stunden besser als der V130 - wenn auch weniger stark - unter den gleichen Bedingungen. Side Gewicht, 1,8 kg auf die Waage, ist es durchaus möglich, ein paar Stunden in einem Rucksack zu tragen. Das Asus U36SD bleibt aber autonom (5:15) und leichter (1,66 kg).

Die Dell k450n V131 hat eine matte Panel. Es ist viel weniger empfindlich auf Reflexionen, die Modelle mit einer glänzenden. Leider seiner begrenzten Helligkeit erlaubt es nicht zu leicht lesbar im Freien oder bei hellem Licht sein.

Die Technologie ist offensichtlich TN, mit einer äquivalenten Persistenzmodelle 5 ms. Folglich sind die High-und Low Vision Winkel kurz und einfach ausreichende Reaktivität für den Einsatz im Büro und für Filme.

Die Farben sind völlig falsch mit einem Standard (DeltaE) von 12,9 und eine sehr starke Verschiebung hin kolorimetrischen Blues. Der Kontrast ist einfach katastrophal. Früher haben wir mit geringem Kontrast Platten auf Laptops zu treffen, aber es gibt kaum erreicht 206:1 (Schwarzwert von 0,80 cd / m², für weißen bis 164 cd / m²). An diesem Punkt hat der V131 deshalb nicht gegenüber dem V130 erhöht.


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Apple has been working to improve the safety for users of its online offerings or services. For this purpose, the company has introduced a new verification method for Apple macbook pro battery ID and iCloud accounts that will hamper unauthorized access to it significantly. In the past, there was criticism of the security policy of Apple, was among other things, as the journalist Mat Honan from Wired Magazine prominent victim of a hacker attack.

The revised security system Apple now provides that the user accounts can only be accessed after a successful identity verification. Apple macbook pro 17 battery sends out to a four-digit security code to a previously authorized by the user mobile device, which is requested, inter alia, in the Account login or app purchase. The combination can be received via SMS or Find my iPhone app. Similar security mechanisms, for example, Google used for years for its online services, such as the blog 9to5Mac writes.

The trusted mobile device, according to Apple macbook pro 13 battery customers can specify existing information in their account on the Apple ID website. There, the new authentication system can also be activated and deactivated.

It also divides Apple macbook pro 15 batteryusers with a so-called Recovery Key, which acts as a final backup instance and is used when someone forgets his account password or loses his authorized. Apple expects users to print out this code number and keep safe.

In Germany, the new security system is currently still not active. Apple launches it first only in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland. Will be added when new regions is currently unknown.

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Hewlett-Packard Lanze en France Sohn Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 15-B153ef, un nouvel ordinateur portable de 15,6 pouces à écran taktile Multi-Touch-sous plateforme AMD Sabine et Windows 8. Il Integriert un APU Trinity Dual Core A4, un grand espace de stockage mais aussi une connectique comprenant notamment USB 3.0, HDMI et Bluetooth. Il s'affiche en ce moment de vente flash à 499 € et est Förderfähige à l'offre de remboursement de 100 € mise en place par HP g60 akku . En outre, une remise immédiate de 30 € est actuellement geltenden sur ce modèle.

L'HP pavilion dv6 akku TouchSmart Sleekbook 15-B153ef peut intéresser ceux qui souhaitent investir dans un ordinateur portable de-Format classique Doté d'un écran taktile et ce en vue d'une Auslastung classique.

La particularité de ce portable est à chercher du côté de sa dalle équipée de la technologie taktile Multi-Touch-permettant de manipuler les objets présents à l'écran à l'aide d'un ou plusieurs doigts, de quoi Ausbeuter les Fonctionnalités offertes par Windows- 8 en la matière, un OS pense à la fois pour les Maschinen TacTiles et les ordinateurs classiques.

L'utilisateur privilégiera cependant la plupart du temps le clavier et le Touchpad AFIN d'interagir avec le système. Ce portable n'étant pas Cabrio en Tablette, l'usage prolongé de l'écran taktile entraine en effet une Müdigkeit musculaire.

Contrairement à la plupart des portables TacTiles présents sur le marché qui sont Architektur autour d'une plateforme Intel, le HP pavilion dv7 akku TouchSmart Sleekbook 15-B153ef adopte lui une plateforme AMD Sabine ainsi qu'un APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) Trinity Dual Core A4-4355M .

Associé aux 4 Go de mémoire vive, cet APU Delivre de bonnes prestations en usage courant et multitâches pas trop Pousse et convient à une Auslastung dite bureautique classique, de quoi par exemple faire tourner simultanément une vidéo, un navigateur avec quelques onglets ouverts et un traitement de texte par exemple.

La compaq presario cq61 akku Radeon HD7400G intégrée à l'APU se kostenlos elle des traitements graphiques. Peu performante, elle ne se destine pas aux joueurs bien que moyennant des Zugeständnissen elle puisse prendre occasionnellement en Ladung des titres anciens peu exigeants en ressources 3D. Elle Permet en tous les cas à l'utilisateur de visionner des photos et des vidéos, y compris en HD 1080p.

Sans Überraschung l'écran adopte d'ailleurs - outre sa technologie taktile - des caractéristiques similaires à une Majorité de portables sur le marché et donc un-Format 16/9ème se prêtant bien à la lecture de vidéos avec un traitement brillant sujet aux reflets mais qui rend les couleurs vives et une définition de 1366 × 768 Pixel.

De son côté, le disque dur offre une grande HP g62 akku capacité de 750 Go, de quoi Installer tout un tas de logiciels sur ce portable mais aussi y stocker de nombreux fichiers divers et variiert.

Enfin, la connectique embarquée est bonne. Elle comprend des Module sans-fil Wi-Fi n et Bluetooth, une sortie vidéo HDMI pratique Pour relier facilement le PC à un moniteur ou une TV par exemple, des ports Audio et Ethernet ainsi que 3 Ports USB Dont 2 USB 3.0-kompatible USB 2.0 garantissant des transferts sowie ELEVES qu'en USB 2.0 si l'on y connecte des Périphériques USB 3.0.

L'HP 530 akku Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 15-B153ef s'affiche en ce moment de vente flash à 499 € chez Rue du Commerce (30 Euro de réduction immédiate avec le code INNOV30, soit 369 €), mais aussi à 529 € chez Top Achat. Dans sa catégorie, il est l'un des portables TacTiles les moins onéreux de notre Comparateur de prix.


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The HP 650 (C1N06EA) is a new 15.6-inch laptop that runs on Intel platform Huron River. It is currently marketed for sale at 379 euros flash with a Pentium Dual Core, good storage space, a slab glare but also connectivity including HDMI and Bluetooth. It also offers a self-announced Windows 6:00 8.

The HP 650 (C1N06EA) and HP 610 battery is a traditional laptop format suitable for everyday use.

It has a reflective panel that shows treated tiring on the eyes than glossy screen in the long run but also less prone to glare making it more readable in bright environments. However, are no surprise and classic definition of 1366 × 768 and 16:9 format well suited to playing videos.

The graphics Intel HD 2000 integrated in the processor allows the user to just watch videos, but also photos. But offers poor performance and will not satisfy gamers though of course subject to concessions can occasionally handle older titles undemanding 3D resources.

HP 615 battery Performance side always, 4GB of RAM and a Pentium Dual Core B980 Sandy Bridge delivers good performance in current use and multitasking too pushed and thus quite suitable for use so-called office. Scalability is also implementation since a RAM slot is free, which add a bar in the future to increase the amount of DDR3 if needed.

The connection it is very correct with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi n to communicate and connect remotely and wireless, its HDMI and VGA video outputs to easily connect the practices to a computer monitor or TV for example, its Ethernet and audio ports as well as its 3 USB. Certainly may regret the absence of USB 3.0, but it is difficult to criticize this model for this price level.

As for the hard drive, it offers a good capacity of 500 GB and it can store many different files and different but also install a lot of software. Note also that the keyboard has no numeric keypad which may put off some.

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The Toshiba Satellite C850-1G3 is a new 15.6-inch laptop that appears less than 350 euros. It has the latest Intel Chief River platform with a processor Ivy Bridge Dual Core Celeron, a proper storage space as well as connectivity including HDMI and USB 3.0, all under Windows 8.

The Toshiba Satellite C850-1G3 and Toshiba satellite c655 battery is a 15.6 inch laptop suitable for everyday use.

It delivers benefits correct in this field as well as far-fetched multitasking thanks to its 4 GB of RAM and processor latest generation Ivy Bridge Celeron Dual Core 1000M. Less effective than Core i3 particular, it shows its limits in software intensive CPU resources. Better to limit the number of hungry applications running simultaneously to avoid incurring slowdowns.

These Toshiba pa3727u 1brs components are suitable for use typical office not too demanding. It can operate in practice at the same time a browser with multiple tabs open, word processing and photo viewer for example. Note also that RAM slot is free, you can add a strip DDR3 to change the configuration in the future if needed.

Unsurprisingly, graphics processing is entrusted to the Intel HD integrated within the Ivy Bridge, the graphics performance with very modest. It still allows you to view pictures and videos but does not clearly address the players. In practice, however, if we agree to adaptations of old games undemanding can go occasionally.

The embedded hard disk for its part offers a storage pa3615u 1brm capacity of 320GB and properly can accommodate a lot of software and files and varied.

The screen adopts him a 1366 × 768 resolution, a 16:9 format well suited to playing videos, but also a brilliant treatment that gives color to punch but is sensitive to glare characteristics similar to a majority of phones on the market.

Finally, the connection is good, offering VGA and HDMI video outputs to easily connect handy PC to a TV or monitor, for example, a wireless module Wi-Fi n to connect to remote Ethernet and audio ports and 3 USB, 1 USB 3.0 compatible USB 2.0 ensures faster transfers than USB 2.0 if we connect a USB 3.0 device.

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Dell has a new UltraSharp monitor for the professional market in the portfolio. The UltraSharp U3014 has a screen size of 30 inches (about 75 centimeters), has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and is thanks to AH-IPS technology consume with LED backlight is not more than 60 watts in normal operation, such as computer base informed. The sale of the Dell inspiron 1525 battery display the manufacturer wants to start soon.

The aspect ratio of the UltraSharp U3014 is 16:10, which is the de facto standard for a professional device that category. The Dell latitude e6400 battery display supports Dell's Premier Color Technology, which means it covers the sRGB color space completely, the Adobe RGB color range to 99 percent and also from the color space to CIE 1976 standard to 120 percent.

According to the manufacturer, a total of 1.07 billion colors on the screen are shown, which corresponds to 10 bits per color channel. Furthermore, can the color representation via colorimeter wish eventually customize individually. A Dell inspiron 1520 battery brightness of 350 cd / m², contrast ratio 1000:1, response time of 6 milliseconds and viewing angle of 178 degrees (horizontal and vertical) round out the panel properties.

The base of the Dell UltraSharp U3014 and Dell inspiron 1420 battery makes rotated, tilted and adjustable height, the insert in pivot mode is not supported. Dell equipped the device also has a USB 3.0 hub with 4 ports and a 6-in-1 card reader. Video inputs on the screen offers the user even to DVI-D, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4.

The Dell UltraSharp U2913WM 29-inch Ultra-wide Monitor is very different. Dell xps m1330 battery is build for users who want a panorama-style view, and let me tell you that if you love flight simulators, having a setup with three of those is pretty awesome. For a more regular use, this is probably a better alternative than having two small displays. Right now, I’m not sure if you can rotate it vertically, but I’ve seen some programmers use 29″ wide display in portrait mode, and that’s a great setup for coding.

The UltraSharp U3014 is offered by Dell in-house online store at a price of about 1,500 euros and is scheduled from 7 March will be delivered. Internet retailer lists the 30-inch model, however, also been at prices around the 1,100-euro mark.

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From this position, the lid can simply be folded over the keyboard - in principle as if one were to close normally, but this time just after the top of the display. This design you see today as I said not very often, but a few years ago, this was the standard for PC-based tablets and convertibles. Many of the recently introduced hybrid devices or convertibles on Windows 8-based, however, have, for example, monitors, that you can remove it and use as a standalone tablet, or fold the display just completely on the bottom of the device so that the keyboard in tablet mode freely lies, or slide down the screen almost like slider smartphones on the device keypad.

The hinge on the twist feels anyway to robust and trustworthy - and this is particularly important, since it is only this is a point at which all issues arising from the display motion forces attack. In the past, have Lenovo Convertibles with this technique proved to be reliable in our experience, and the hinge of the Twist hopefully the same applies. For first or unthinking gross motor way, there is a tiny arrow that indicates the direction of rotation of the lenovo g430 battery display. A bit of caution is certainly the word: If the display with power running in the wrong direction, that will probably not go out well. But Lenovo has in the past sometimes even convertibles produced with central hinge, where you could rotate the display in both directions. Perhaps it is also again at some point, would be great.

Folded in the tablet mode, the one of the best twist Windows 8 devices we have come across. The chassis feels generally pleasant to slim (even if it is in a completely different league moves as Apple's iPad or Microsoft's Surface) and the touch screen responds very quickly and accurately. On the other hand, possessed all of us have tested Windows 8 notebooks with excellent touch screen.

The accelerometer of our test model, which is to align the screen again when playing around the tablet in portrait mode or spins aligned, however a bit. Often enough, he responded either too sensitive or not sensitive enough - and rarely rotates the image 90 degrees, even though the device unmoved in notebook mode on your lap is. If that happens, it takes a lot Geruckel and turnery, the screen orientation computer back into a normal state. This is a problem we also had been with other Windows-8-notebook - just not to this extent.

The Iceland-keyboard is very good and the product of years of research by Lenovo ThinkPad x61 battery . What distinguishes them from similar keyboards, the slightly hollowed lower edge of each key, which means fewer typos. The buttonless clickpad is also excellent and one of the most reactive Windows-8-touch pad at all. At this point you have to take course on the wasted space on the click pad, which is occupied by the mouse buttons for the embedded between the G, B and H keys TrackPoint. Any feedback is really necessary: ​​Who today still uses a TrackPoint is not also stop. And who has not yet begun to do this will probably not continue.

The lenovo n200 battery display itself is behind a full-surface, edge-to-edge glass-ranging cover that provides a superior first impression. The 12.5 inch display has a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Although this is less than many other premium touchscreen laptops with Windows 8, but on the other hand also not completely undersized for a 899 euro expensive device. In the display, an IPS panel is blocked, so that even at extremely wide viewing angles even a good picture is given - especially in tablet mode is very important.

Connections, performance and battery life

As for connectivity, the lenovo c100 battery twist for a 12.5-inch-notebook with a touch screen is relatively well equipped. Although you need adapter for the video output, but if the next time someone says that can be in a flat Convertible Laptop accommodate not a full Ethernet port, one needs simply twist the show. A few things you need to quickly access in tablet mode (for example, physical volume buttons and the power button), Lenovo has moved to the lid, but the actual interfaces are all located at the base of the unit.

We tested the 899-Euro version of Twist puts the fast 1.7 GHz Intel processor Core i5-3317U, which is also in many other Windows 8 laptops like ThinkPad w500 battery . There are also four gigabytes of RAM, a 500 GB HDD and 24 GB of SSD for faster startup of the operating system and applications. All in all, this is certainly not the best equipment that can be found in this price range, who seeks finds, surely a full-fledged notebook with SSD instead of a HDD. But one should also remember the high haptic and build quality of the Lenovo does not twist that is finally worth a lot.

In our benchmark tests, the twist is not surprising at the same level as other Windows-8-notebooks with the Core i5-3317U. All these systems have more than enough performance for office tasks, HD video playback and web browsing. In video games, it looks completely different: only with Intel's integrated graphics solution equipped HD Graphics 4000, is limited to the Twist and other devices of its kind to older games or on the casual class. Demanding modern games you can run best with lowest detail settings. But if gaming is the main priority, it is unlikely to look for a ThinkPad.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist ThinkPad sl510 battery is at first glance an anachronism from the early days of touch-enabled convertible notebooks. The design with the central hinge jumping is not quite as striking as the reclining, folding or sliding ultramodern competition, but nevertheless represents the twist sleek and completely fully usable convertible device with good tablet mode represents But above all is the Twist thin ultraportable notebook with a casing made of magnesium alloy and one of the best keyboards that can be found in this price range.

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