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iPhone 5S
Once is not custom, Apple has decided not to launch one but two new smartphones this year. The iPhone 5C will be well accompanied by the iPhone 5S 5S iPhone a resume that basically the same design as its predecessor with some adjustments.

First point but not least , it will be available in three colors: black, gold and gray. IPhone 5S Champagne and Graphite are not a myth. That should please a lot of people , and especially American rappers.

Concerning the technical specifications of the device , be aware that it will be the first to enjoy a smart A7, accompanied by a coprocessor named M7 . What you used it ? Maybe take over for simple tasks like that found on the latest MacBook Pro to the firm. In addition, the iPhone 5S will be 64-bit first smartphone. Needless to say, iOS 7 will also be optimized especially for the occasion , and for its applications. According to the executives of the firm, the new iPhone would be twice as fast as its predecessor , and forty times faster than the first mobile phone launched by Apple. In addition, it will be able to manage the Open GL 3.0 and one of the first games that will pay ... Infinity Blade 3 .

Apple's engineers have also worked extensively on the autonomy of their new terminal. The iPhone 5S and should be able to hold , like its predecessor , 10 hours on 3G, 10 hours on LTE , WiFi 10 hours and 250 hours standby. However, it was the first user feedback on whether these promises are actually kept. In the past, self- recorded did not always risen to the level of self- reported. Speaking of which, remember that the iPhone 5S will be compatible with the frequencies of the French 4G. And the NFC , it has not yet won , obviously .

Smartphones are increasingly used to take pictures and record videos. In this regard, the company was lagging behind , she tried to fill with its new terminal . The iPhone 5S and ship a sensor 15 % larger than the previous generation . The lens has also been treated with greater openness . Also note that iOS 7 will be better able to manage the dynamics of the sensor, white balance and exposure. In addition, the terminal will ship a dual LED flash to enhance the rendering of pictures taken in low light . We look forward to the first comparison with the Nokia Lumia 1020 or the Sony Xperia Z1, to name a few .

Getting back on the platform , know a new way of shooting will be integrated to combine several photos into one. With this method , we should get better shots , like an advanced HDR mode. More interestingly , apart from 1080p sensor should be able to record video in 720p at 120 fps. Lovers of Slow Motion should be delighted .

Mobile users are becoming more attentive to the safety of their data. This will not surprise anyone but Apple has opted for a Touch ID fingerprint reader named . Now, to access your photos of cute kittens, it will be necessary to put your finger on the home of mobile button. However , know that the famous little square that delightfully decorated our iPhones went by the wayside. God rest his soul. Otherwise , well aware that the sensor allocated to this task is 170 microns, with a resolution of 500 dpi. It is also able to scan beneath the epidermis . Also the new iPhone will increase the iPhone accessories sale.

In my case , I especially hope is that this button will be more resistant than others. Because seen embedded technology , it could cost us dearly as replacements . Good point, however, all information captured through this new button will be stored locally. No synchronization iCloud will therefore permitted.

In summary :

4-inch Retina Display with a resolution in 1136 × 640 ( 326 ppi ) .
800:1 contrast .
A7 chip of unknown frequency + M7 .
16/32/64 GB of storage space.
Backlit 8 megapixel sensor , f/2.2 for the lens ( sapphire ) .
Video recording in 1080/30p .
Recording videos 720/120p .
Video stabilizer, Slow Motion.
FaceTime camera 1.2 megapixel capture in 720p.
10 hours on 3G, 250 hours standby.
Accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope .
Proximity sensor , brightness sensor .
Dimensions: 123.2 × 58.6 × 7.6 mm.
Weight: 112 grams.
Screen protectors : Power Support iPhone 5S Air Jacket case
The price of the beast? € 199 for the 16GB version , $ 299 for the 32GB version and € 399 for the 64GB version, with a membership including a commitment period twenty-four months again . No 128 GB version for the moment, in fact. Without subscription? € 699 for the 16GB version , € 799 for the 32GB version and 899 € the 64 GB version of

iOS 7
Apple did not fail to return to the many innovations introduced by iOS 7. The latter having been a number of articles, we will not return it. Just know that the new version of Iceberg platform will be available from 18 September , the day after the release of GTA 5. Importantly, all devices produced by the company will be able to enjoy the same date , including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad. No late to regret for the slates so .

Otherwise , well the iWatch is obviously not responded to the invitation. Too bad, but Apple may present its shows connected at the Keynote dedicated to the new iPad. In any case we hope.

So what do you think? Is it worth waiting for Keynote ? Do you fall for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C ?

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The W.E.T. system captures solar energy and H20 to improve public spaces. As it rains, water collects design used for cleaning and fire emergency. The excess water is stored in a collection tube where it is dispersed in vaporizers to cool on hot days public. Especially on rainy days, additional water is used to complement the surrounding irrigation. At the top of the label, a solar panel collects the sun's energy for electric lighting in the foot and the top of the system that keeps the area illuminated at night.

Designers: Christina Fenton bluetooth headset


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A multi -task chair, designed with a unique design that can be rearranged for different situations . The upper support acts as a file, an armrest or a work surface , depending on how you feel in it. Its characteristic : 1.Stress foam polyurethane foam on a metal structure. Stuffed with different covers and colors 2.Fully

How Sissi chair shown here is just one of many ways that can be restored to your heart's content ! The design consists of continuous stress resistant polyurethane foam on a metal frame which forms the seat and the leg, and a flexible arm which can be used as a backup or work surface from the point of smell ! With lots of vibrant color options that will add a pop to any abstract space.

Mobility is a fundamental attribute of the contemporary space (called ) . And there is no space as mobile as office space . As an expression of society and the structure of labor mobility is now universally extended office radiates and penetrates objects and architectural elements , modify the qualities of materials , we assume TYPERS thousands of products , versions and conceptual interpretation and application. Aso have a chair that is mobile in the way that supports the dynamics of the body as an eco - skeleton for comfort, a furniture system is mobile, because it can work anywhere , sitting or standing, at home or ATO office (assuming that there is a distinction between the two ) .

Over time, in the midst of shapes and materials Sony VGP-BPS27 , the mobile is also and above the key of each model that is open to new , multiple use and surprising interpretations , or acts as a carrier of technological solutions that really apart from the ordinary. You could say that all those who are mobile in the end they are , but in their own way .


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Though it's almost 130 years old, the Piaggio brand is renowned for transportation that's just plain different. The Piaggio PAM expands on this with a partially enclosed structure filled with smart-features like calibrated seat adjustment, photovoltaic solar energy-harvesting material, a HUD windshield, GPS navigation and even safety airbags. Like Piaggio's MP3 scooter, the PAM also uses 3 wheels for added traction and balance, but these are reversed from front to back for a sportier riding feel.

Designer: Simone Madella Lenovo T61 battery


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There's something truly stunning about Bulgaria-based photographer Aneta Ivanova's double exposure photography that seamlessly blends the beauty of architecture, landscape, and the human body. Using a layered technique in Photoshop, Ivanova is able to create her surreal portraits of nature and urban settings alike in the silhouette of the female form.

It brings us great pleasure to announce that we've carefully selected nine of Ivanova's enchanting portraits and they are now available as prints or canvases through our art store, .

Aneta Ivanova on My Modern ShopDell 1545 battery



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Architects and designers have been attempting to bring more of nature into the urban setting due to the ever growing push for sustainable and green living. Designed by WOHA architects, the Park Royal in Singapore is currently located in a business district, and flanked by Hong Lim Park and various apartment complexes.

The 12-story-tall hotel will feature six sky gardens overflowing with various types of plant life, a rain collection system, state-of-the-art recycling, solar energy, and a variety of sensors which allows it to run as environmentally efficient as possible. The interior uses a mix of natural lighting and materials that gives off an intimate and pure impression to the guests. Other highlights include a wellness space with a large pool inside it, and a spectacular panoramic view of the city in the Orchid Club Lounge on the top floor.

The Park Royal has been awarded both the BCA Green Mark Platinum, which is the highest rating for green buildings in Singapore, and the Solar Pioneer Award for successfully harnessing solar power as a reusable energy source for the hotel. We wouldn't be surprised if more designers follow WOHA's effort in bringing nature into big cities around the world.

via [Inhabitat battery nz]


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Little Free Library is a creative idea, thought up by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks, that aims to promote literacy and bring communities together by putting up mini libraries in neighborhoods around the world. Started in 2009, it's a nonprofit that seeks to place these small, accessible book exchange boxes right in front of a house or on a street corner. (Take a book, return a book.) You can buy a box directly from the Little Free Library website, download plans on how to build one, or completely make one yourself.

What makes the idea so special? Their website states: "Little Free Libraries have a unique, personal touch and there is an understanding that real people are sharing their favorite books with their community. These aren't just any old books about fujitsu , this is a carefully curated collection and the Library itself is a piece of neighborhood art!"

In 2011, there were just 100 libraries and currently there's around 6,000 of them, all around the world. “By that account, we’ll have 25,000 libraries by the end of the year,” says Bol. For $35, Little Free Library owners can put their library in a database so that others can find them. Those who register will also receive discounts and information about how to keep and maintain their library.

“It’s started a neighborhood exchange. It gets people talking and more comfortable with their neighbors,” he said. “This leads to them helping each other.”

Below are some creative ways people have dressed up their mini libraries. Love this idea!

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3D television (3DTV) is television that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing techniques such as stereoscopic display, multi-view display, 2D-plus-depth, or any other form of 3D display. Most modern 3D television sets use an active shutter 3D system or a polarized 3D system and some are autostereoscopic without the need of glasses.

The Teracrea TV isn't your average flatscreen- in fact, there's no screen at all! It's a modern vase (also not your average vase) that can be hung on a wall to host plants, flowers or other greenery to bring a natural dimension into the home. LED accent lighting at the top of the minimal frame highlights the mounted garden and provides ambience to any room. 

Designer: Fabio Bortolani Battery

There are several techniques to produce and display 3D moving pictures. The following are some of the technical details and methodologies employed in some of the more notable 3D movie systems that have been developed.




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In 2013, the rumor mill is cooking for the PS4 at full bore: In an internet forum user published a text of a patent application filed by Sony. Contains the details of a new technique that Sony wants to prevent the resale of games explicitly. Was delivered with key card game communicates accordingly - probably about the new wireless technology, Near Field Communication (NFC) - with the console and the game permanently assigned to the device used so that it only runs on this. Every time you start asking the console releases the stored on the card machine-game combination - a resale would be excluded.

Whether on the 9th December 2012 patent filed by Sony VGP-BPS13A/Q Japan in the Playstation 4 is used is unclear, seems far-fetched but not the radical step. After all, Nintendo also binds already Wii U user accounts permanently to a terminal. However, this approach raises troubling questions: Will the PS4 be permanently connected to the Internet? What happens when a device is defective? The consequences for the used market would be beyond devastating and the Playstation 4 might lose some potential buyers.

Another rumor is true hardware-hungry positive contrast: the release of the console is possibly imminent. After Microsoft has launched a countdown suspect that suggests the announcement of the Xbox 720, Sony blurted out today with a mysterious invitation. Under the slogan 'Destination Playstation' the company asks a media report, selected representatives of the U.S. press and retailers to an event in the U.S. state of Arizona. Of 25 to 28 February 2013 Sony presents therefore novelties around the topic Playstation. Whether covering only the introduction of new games as well or going to the unveiling of the Playstation 4, remains to be seen.

The production of the PlayStation 2 is set, now it's time for Sony's PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis - at least this is the starting point for many new speculations on the next generation of PlayStation.

Its central point: Sony VGP-BPS13A/R could publish in February at the annual, consolidated own event destination Playstation first details for Orbis. The Destination Playstation held from 25 to 28 February. Could the first info on the new console at the event but only trading partners are shown.

A presentation to the public seems unlikely: latest rumors about the next-gen consoles, according to Sony is not the development of Orbis gone so far as Microsoft, most recently was even an appearance of the next Xbox in the fall of 2013, and a release of the PlayStation Orbis up to 6 months later speculated.

According to rumors in the new Sony VGP-BPS13B/Q Playstation 4 or Playstation Omni is an AMD processor with integrated graphics core plug that is only supported by a graphics chip from the latest AMD Radeon HD 7000-series. A patent that Sony has already been granted in 2010, describes the dynamic and automatic switching between two different graphics chips depending on the requirements in the background. The user should note the change of anything.

Sony VGP-BPS13/Q wants in this way reduce the energy consumption of the corresponding device, which is not named. Since the Playstation 4 will be probably conceived not only as a pure gaming console but also as a media player or Internet box, GPU switching would be a useful feature. The alleged use of AMD APU and graphics chip would be well suited for this function also. More to the next console from Sony, there may already be heard in late February when Sony an event titled 'Destination Playstation' keeps.

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You want a professional display with high performance at low cost? Then the 23-inch LCD Dell UltraSharp U2312HM is exactly the right thing: He scores with very good image quality and great setting for a fair price.

The Dell UltraSharp U2312HM and Dell inspiron 1545 battery for around 180 euros operates an IPS panel - normally pay for a monitor with this technique much more. Advantage of the IPS displays: Such models are characterized by a high contrast ratio and a bright image. Both the measurements confirm our lab: The brightness of the UltraSharp of over 230 candela per square meter and the checkerboard contrast at 156:1 - these are very good results.

Even with the color display and the viewing angles plays the panel its strengths compared to cheap TN panel, the colors are much richer and more natural. Even if you are not sitting in front of the monitor and to the side looking at the screen, the colors are not distorted. Thanks to the quick response time of three milliseconds (gray-to-gray), you can also use the LCD to play.

Good facilities and many functions
The Dell inspiron 14z battery screen has all the important interfaces: In addition to a USB hub (4 outputs) is also one DVI-D, VGA and DisplayPort connector on board. Only one HDMI input is missing. The 23-inch display has a 16:9 aspect ratio, the resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Menu settings can be easily and quickly make using the logically structured menu.

The stable rotation and tilting of the foot overall very beautifully finished monitor allows the ergonomic set up according to your needs. In this case, the display is also very stable. If you often write long texts or portraits, you will quickly get used to the practical pivot function. This allows you to rotate the display by 90 degrees.

The Dell inspiron 17 battery UltraSharp U2312HM is a good 23-inch monitor with excellent image quality. Thanks to its high quality of the TFT panel's interesting for professional image editors, which depend on an accurate color reproduction - and at a fair price. Because for less than 200 euros, you get hardly any screen with this high image quality and ergonomics. Comparable monitors usually cost around 100 euros more.

Tags : f287h , g555n , j415n , j590m


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Bright lights for projector-friendly bike lovers

It's time to get in the laser-projector zone with none other than a design by the name of Bike Zone, complete with red beams for signaling. If you want to turn left, this beast of a light shines several arrow-looking symbols down at the ground to the left the same is true of the right imagine that! The only ones we worry for now are the squirrels watch your eyes, guys!


This design creates a one-meter safety zone for the cyclist with lights that allow drivers at night to tell where the cyclist is going. Animated signal action makes for twice the safety and clarity in representation of direction while the whole design is contained in a tiny backpack-storage-ready container.

Designers: Frank Guo, Hung Wang, and Sturt Morrow



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Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 The (M81E3FR) is a new versatile laptop with 15.6 inches. It runs Intel Chief River platform with a dedicated graphics card Nvidia Optimus technology coupled with a processor Core i5 Ivy Bridge 2nm, a good amount of RAM, a nice storage space and USB 3.0. It appears below 600 euros. When the ThinkPad t61 battery is first put on charge, the voltage shoots up quickly. 

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 includes reduced versions of Word and Excel. It is possible to enjoy all the features of the suite Office by purchasing an activation card (or a version box) from Microsoft or resellers partners.With a white color with black keyboard, this laptop features a look that is both simple and elegant. Full charge occurs when the ThinkPad t60 battery reaches the voltage threshold and the current drops to three percent of the rated current. 

It is equipped with easily DirectShare that synchronizes files with another computer without Internet but also to Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 for a quick start of BootShiled that maintains performance even after the installation of multiple applications.A pressing the OneKey Theater II ensure optimized audio and video brighter images and richer sound.Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 The (M81E3FR) is a laptop that fits fairly well equipped multipurpose use. A ThinkPad x61 battery is also considered fully charged if the current levels off and cannot go down further.

It delivers good overall performance including multitasking thanks to its great amount of RAM and 6 GB Processor Ivy Bridge Core i5-3210m, enough to satisfy many users in terms of power.In addition, it is equipped with a dedicated graphics card, the GeForce GT 630M, which allows you to run a lot of games if we agree to make concessions in the opus resource intensive 3D. The 1080p HD video playback is of course it poses no problem. Although theThinkPad x60 battery reaches the voltage peak quicker with a fast charge, the saturation charge will take longer accordingly. 

Note that this laptop should be equipped with Nvidia Optimus technology which tasks performed by the user switches automatically and in real time between the GeForce GT 630M and Intel HD 4000, running on the latter being preferred for greater autonomy while the first is sought for his greatest performance.

The hard drive has for its part a beautiful storage capacity of 750 GB can accommodate many different files and different but also multiple games and software. Side of the connector, Ethernet is the standard Fast and Gigabit may not grieve as some. For the rest, there is a wireless module Wi-Fi n and Intel Wireless Display to stream to a TV WiDi connected to a box or adequacy of the contents on the PC and remotely. A high current charge will, however, quickly fill the lenovo n200 battery to about 70 percent.

Are also part of the audio ports and Ethernet, HDMI and VGA video outputs to easily connect the PC to a TV or monitor such as 4 USB ports that can accommodate all USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. However, if you connect USB 3.0 devices to the USB 3.0 ports on the computer, transfers are faster than USB 2.0.  In fact, it is better not to fully charge, because high voltages stresses the ThinkPad t400 battery .

As for the screen, with its definition of 1366 × 768, her brilliant treatment makes vivid colors but appears prone to glare and 16:9 format well suited to playing videos, it displays characteristics similar to the majority laptop market.


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MacRumors reports on a new version of the iPad 3, powered by the A6 processor or at least a compatible variation of the A6. The information will come from a developer to have the name "iPad3, 6" caught. It said it might be due to an optimized version of the third generation of the iPad, the calculation engine runs with the new ARMv7s architecture. A further consideration of the new Lightning Connector, would add to Apple Macbook pro battery.

The device itself is rumored to appear in a few weeks, but doubted the MacRumors. It would also be possible that this is the next iPad, which will be released in 2013.

Also undecided is one about whether it is a term of the reception are heavily lately iPad Mini. However, some evidence, however, as the iPad Mini apparently the names iPad2, 5 and 2.6 carries and probably runs on the basis of the A5 chip like Powerbook g4 battery.

In my opinion it could be a preliminary model of the next iPad. As Jony Ive also like to try around with several designs, one might also suggest that it is a prototype. That the new Apple iPad will miss an upgrade, I think is highly unlikely. Given the ever-smaller leaps of innovation that makes the company for its devices, it would be disadvantageous, the periods in which such new iPads appear to shorten. Let's wait it out!

While the rumors condense that Apple a1045 on 17 October presenting with the iPad Mini has a smaller, aggressive offshoot of its iPads, will come on the occasion of the death of Steve Jobs reiterated his comments on to such a product: Nothing nor fowl.

In any case, seems to be the new Apple a1175 management to have opted for a smaller iPad, because the market around smartphones and tablet computers has evolved. Amazon especially with its Kindle Fire 2 * and Google with its Nexus Tablet 7 * have shown that there is a market for smaller tablet computers. In particular, the price is likely to play an important role there.

But Apple a1012 will sell his product to try again from the crowd. Currently, there are rumors that instead of a 7-inch display, a 7.85-inch display is used. Final you have to be surprised, exactly where the manufacturer is placed with the upcoming product.

The change of mind with respect to a smaller tablet computer could possibly be caused by Apple a1185 Vice President Eddy Cue. Thus quoted from an e-mail to Tim Cook, according to Eddy Cue recommended produce a smaller device and the market not to leave the competition. A 7 inch tablet from books, Facebook, e-mails and videos absolutely suitable. Disadvantages he saw only when browsing the Internet, but even there one could use such a device is still good.


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The iPod nano has been completely redesigned. © Apple
The iPhone 5 is reality. What the rumor mill has always known, was yesterday officially. Apple introduced the latest iPhone, after all, a pioneer in smartphones and modern telecommunications. Apple first ändert the form factor and treats all art enthusiasts a 4-inch screen - of course with retina display. A resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels at 16:9 aspect ratio provides the ability to present films that vollformatig. A novelty. Earlier iPhones seized the opportunity and offered not only a 3.5-inch display with 3:2 aspect ratio.

But not only on the size of Apple's screwed. The iPhone 5, according to Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller's thinnest iPhone in the world. That is also correct with 7.66 millimeters. However, the device is by no means the thinnest smartphone on the market. The Ascend P1 S is for example only 6.68 millimeters thick and therefore a little bit narrower than the iPhone 5 Resulting in a reduction in weight only 112 grams, the iPhone 4S is weighed at least 140 grams For the iPhone 5 actually counts the lightweights. The Samsung Galaxy S3, the biggest competitor of the iPhone brings, 133 grams on the scale.

Our advice: Try it! The savings bank apps for iPhones, Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

Inside the iPhone 5 potters, the new A6 processor that will work twice as fast as the A5, the iPhone 4S was in use. Actual numbers for processor called not Apple. The A5 was a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 with 800 MHz and a PowerVR SGX535 GPU. The latter was responsible for the graphics performance. Because Apple makes no precise information, the iPhone 5 can not currently compare with the competition. A wise move, and known by the manufacturer.

The new processor is designed to support the camera, which has been improved in comparison with the iPhone 4S only marginally. 8 megapixels are still the measure of all things. New filter, the quality of images continue to grow. Photos that are created in the twilight, should be a lot clearer. That has, in practice, still prove. It makes sense to improve the front camera. This now supports HD resolution (720p), mainly due to the video-calling software FaceTime will benefit. Also new is a panorama mode, known by many compact cameras. This allows individual photos together to form a large. The result, according to Apple 28-megapixel photos, which sounds great, but is simply added together only.

Our advice: Save now on the new iPhone. With luck saving your Sparkasse Vest Recklinghausen. Secure the current 2% bonus!

The iPhone 5 supports multiple wireless standards including LTE (lightning-fast mobile Internet) and DC-HSDPA, so you browse faster, download content, and stream can. The iPhone 5 also offers dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi support for wireless throughput of up to 150 Mbit / s There are limitations, however. The working range of the LTE module is namely A1429 GSM at 850 MHz, 1,800 MHz and 2,100 MHz. Vodafone and O2 spark only at 800 and 2,600 MHz. Only the telecom radios - at least in cities - on "the right" frequency (1800 MHz). Thus, the LTE connection of the iPhone 5 is only in the telecom network and only available in larger cities. Apple users already know like the "new iPad." Which dominates even LTE, but not in Germany.

Similar to the previously mentioned features, including a new port for the iPhone 5 was already part of the rumor mill. Apple made it official. The iPhone 5 comes with the new Lightning port to be smaller and more durable than the existing dock connector. The digital interface provides an adaptive interface, which only uses the signal that requires the corresponding accessory. It is reversible so that you can connect accessory products directly. The Lightning-to-30-pin adapter is available as an option for you to connect the iPhone 5 with corresponding Zuberhörprodukten can.



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Adata is the DashDrive HV610 before a new external hard drive in a stylish design that supports USB 3.0 and is characterized by an ingenious solution for storing excess cord.

Adata describes his new external USB 3.0 hard drive HV610 as a "fashion accessory" and applying it with the saying: "Colorful life, colorful drive". It has the HV610 to offer than just her puzzle housing and must not hide behind their lifestyle design. After all, support the external hard drive the faster USB 3.0 standard.

The data required for transmission of the USB 3.0 cable delivers Adata, also a type of clip, which secures the cable to the housing. It looks nice and is pretty handy because so zusammenklippt what belongs together.

With a size of 115 x 90 x 18 mm, the Adata HV610 has fallen comfortably small, and the overall weight of 165 g can cope during transport. The 2.5-inch hard drive inside spins at 5,400 rpm. The Adata DashDrive HV 610 is compatible with the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 and Linux with kernel 2.6 or later.

The external hard drive is available in white to have a capacity of 500 GB or 1 TB, black with 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB. Pricing can be found at the moment is not even on Amazon is not the HV610 surfaced. (Frank Muller)

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While my little boat moves on its mooring of mist,
And daylight wanes, old memories begin....
How wide the world was, how close the trees to heaven,
And how clear in the water the nearness of the moon!


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I left home young. I return old;
Speaking as then, but with hair grown thin;

And the children, meeting me, do not know me.
They smile and say: \"Stranger, where do you come from?\"

In the end of 2011, I back home, and saw the poem in my Dell inspiron 6400 battery. Also I have this feeling. Now I am the stranger of hometown.

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I wonder why my inlaid harp has fifty strings,
Each with its flower-like fret an interval of youth.
...The sage Chuangzi is day-dreaming, bewitched by butterflies,
The spring-heart of Emperor Wang is crying in a cuckoo,
Mermen weep their pearly tears down a moon-green sea,
Blue fields are breathing their jade to the sun....
And a moment that ought to have lasted for ever
Has come and gone before I knew.

And a moment the love ought to have lasted for ever
Has come and gone before I knew.
Listen to this music in my Apple iPod, just with tears and missing.


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