According to reports, Sony is planning to introduce an 84-inch 4K LCD television at upcoming consumer electronics fair IFA in Berlin, which runs Aug 31 to Sept 5.

These rumours come from an Aug 23 report on which claimed a source “speaking on the condition of anonymity” revealed that Sony would be unveiling an 84 inch TV that can display a huge 4,096×3,072 pixels — four times the number in a normal HD — a display which is known as 4K.

According to the report, the TV will also feature a sidelit LCD panel, removable speakers and was described by the sources as having a “re-imagined retro-style appearance with a modern twist”.

Though 4K broadcasts may not be on the immediate horizon, 4K technology is expected to be one of the leading consumer entertainment trends at this year’s IFA.
Earlier this week, LG revealed the world’s first 84inch 4K Ultra Definition 3D TV in Seoul, Korea.

IFA is one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics fairs world and is often used as a product launching pad by big name manufacturers.

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