A multi -task chair, designed with a unique design that can be rearranged for different situations . The upper support acts as a file, an armrest or a work surface , depending on how you feel in it. Its characteristic : 1.Stress foam polyurethane foam on a metal structure. Stuffed with different covers and colors 2.Fully

How Sissi chair shown here is just one of many ways that can be restored to your heart's content ! The design consists of continuous stress resistant polyurethane foam on a metal frame which forms the seat and the leg, and a flexible arm which can be used as a backup or work surface from the point of smell ! With lots of vibrant color options that will add a pop to any abstract space.

Mobility is a fundamental attribute of the contemporary space (called ) . And there is no space as mobile as office space . As an expression of society and the structure of labor mobility is now universally extended office radiates and penetrates objects and architectural elements , modify the qualities of materials , we assume TYPERS thousands of products , versions and conceptual interpretation and application. Aso have a chair that is mobile in the way that supports the dynamics of the body as an eco - skeleton for comfort, a furniture system is mobile, because it can work anywhere , sitting or standing, at home or ATO office (assuming that there is a distinction between the two ) .

Over time, in the midst of shapes and materials Sony VGP-BPS27 , the mobile is also and above the key of each model that is open to new , multiple use and surprising interpretations , or acts as a carrier of technological solutions that really apart from the ordinary. You could say that all those who are mobile in the end they are , but in their own way .

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