I owned my HP g62 battery for 2 years, it is running ok, but now My laptop fan is always running at max state with burning up and noise, what's wrong with my computer?

As mentioned earlier was to ensure that all openings are free of dust - a vacuum on the outside of the fans, while the compaq presario cq61 battery laptop is turned off will help, as well as other suggestions for buying a can of compressed air and its use for flying clear that no dust.

Also make sure the fans are not blocked or covered, if you are using, to allow maximum air flow.

Even in programs that can be seen at the start or most of the time running on the HP g61 battery laptop - right-click an empty area on the taskbar at the bottom and select "Task Manager", then click on the tab "Processes ". If you are using Windows Vista, click the button at the bottom that says something like "Show processes Show all users" then click the "% CPU" column heading to sort so that the process (program), using the CPU at the top.

What would seem to have made the most CPU usage should be "System Idle Process" but if all other methods is constantly over 50% of HP g71 battery CPU time, or a number close to that, then you might have a problem, and perhaps the program needs reform, the elimination or removal of the implementation process.

Anti-Virus Scanner Active Disk scan takes a lot of HP 530 battery computing power, but if you check every day to see what you really need a full scan every day, or is there a time to let him, but are not, you can not conflict To scan with your work?

Make sure you are getting adequate ventilation around to avoid clogging the vents.

Buy a cooling pad for ... try newegg.com

Meanwhile, bring your laptop on a different surface when you are directly above him on your lap usual. They make HP pavilion dv9000 battery portable desk to help with this problem. (Normally, a plate with a small pillow under)

You can also pop it out. I can an air compressor (can not take the form of a pressure is too high, or that could harm your computer) to do, but should work a can of compressed air. You want as much pressure to make the air a little slot (or wrinkled, if you prefer) to make, but not much mroe.

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