I used my Dell Inspiron 1564 for just under a year and always gets very hot and can be so hot that the fan does not stop running and just shut down. I let it cool and try again, and that would be fine for a while, but do it again. Then one day I was on it and it comes out, even if it overheats and turn not only turns the Dell logo (the fan looks like its moving), then just go to a black screen and nothing. In addition, the fan can be a funny noise now, almost like something is stuck there. I know it may be dust, but do not want to take it apart without knowing if I saw something! I write on the keyboard to see if something happens and makes three short beeps.

I have no idea how to solve this .. I opened the back and left the Dell inspiron 15r battery RAM and re-inserted, but the problem remains persistent. Please please please help me to do so in this laptop is quite expensive and now I have enough money to send a technician, (especially if I know it can be fixed myself) all responses will be very appreciated please just make it look as simple as possible, as I said I'm a bit of a dummy when it comes to laptops and technology lol. Thanks

Answers :

Common causes of overheating are

1. No air flow due to blockage of vents (caused by using laptop on lap or bredspread and not flat hard surface).

2. Dusty or clogged vents and dusty or clogged Dell xps 15 battery fan blades from using in dusty area...normal area so to speak.

3. Heavy graphics useage, as in games.

So make sure laptop is well ventalated, and make sure vents are free of dust as well as the fan.

Simply lift the handset of any flat surface cools, fresh air entering through the exit at the bottom of the Dell studio 1537 battery laptop. This will solve many problems you may have heat.

On the other hand, said he never should have your laptop in any soft surface like a pillow, a blanket, a thick carpet, etc. This will not allow fresh air into the fan inlet, and could cause more than system hang ups and permanent damage to components. Maintained in a hard, flat surface at all times.

If this fails, you might consider buying a Dell inspiron 1440 battery laptop cooler. Here are some links (provided by newegg.com) some quality coolers.

Antec Notebook Cooler Black

Hello, my friend. I think what we live is a fan failure. I would recommend changing the Dell vostro 1510 battery CPU fan. If you tend to run many programs or using a low-GHz processor (this information is in your Control Panel> System and Security> System) if you use anything less than a processor, 5 GHz and uses a large number of programs powerful, that would change your CPU (very good ones are around $ 100 - $ 200). A CPU usually come with built-in fan, I would seek help in seeking professional help to install it on your computer. I would not recommend opening your laptop, your laptop has a high voltage source, which could end up hurting yourself. Reinsert the ram would not make much difference. I hope that helped.

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