The importance of flavor

In the 1996 television documentary, Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires, Steve Jobs is well known, was quoted as saying. "The only problem with Microsoft is simply not to the taste"

He continued: "You have absolutely no taste ... I mean that in a small way I mean big in the sense that they think of original ideas and does not bring much culture ... in your product ... Why is this important? proportional separate sources of prayer books and a fine to come. That's where you get the idea. "

This is the idea of good taste that has made Apple macbook pro 15 inch battery apart from competitors, both in software and special hardware design. So Apple's design is so odd skeuomorphic hug.

Why Design is corny Skeuomorphic

In the above quote, Labour sources said that proportional fonts "to come to a set of beautiful books." It is the idea that early and aggressive use Apple a1280 fonts proportional font indicates the taste, since the idea came from a traditional craft, a cultural tradition of beauty.

So where the idea comes skeuomorphic design?

Traditionally, design has been used skeuomorphic and cheap things to look like more expensive alternatives. The Wikipedia entry on "skeuomorph" has some good examples, such as plastic objects that mimic wood or metal counterparts, cigarette paper around the filter that looks like cork, and shades, not complete.

Skeuomorphic design is primarily about fraud and forgery for people without education, they feel that things are getting cheaper, better, what they really want.
In more recent times has been used to design things digital skeuomorphic resemble physical counterparts, that is, mostly because it uses Apple a1080 . But not always.
For example, locate the My Friends designed to resemble a thick stitched leather-look "thing."

Not a traditional analog or corresponds to an application that uses GPS to locate other people. Apple a1189 is just willy-nilly decide that this functionality should be wrapped in leather.
Here is one of the most amazing technology ever made available to consumers - one that communi

cates with multiple satellites in orbit, and is decorated to look like a wallet in the summer camp.
The hardware design of Apple is the opposite of Skeuomorphic

Apple is the company that "integrated" makes its products - hardware, software and services. The idea is that since a company does everything, everything goes together better.

But this idea is not compatible with Apple products consist of a design standpoint. Apple a1281 's hardware design is famous especially strong, functional minimalism - the epitome of good taste.

To come as proportionally spaced fonts, and beautiful books of registration, current hardware design of Apple's industrial somewhere specific, too.
From the same location as the Bauhaus design movement, which combines functionality and minimalism, the elimination of superfluous decorative elements.
Bauhaus design is exactly the opposite of skeuomorphic design. One is by the complete lack of decoration, which is made without the addition of decoration, I can think of nothing other than the object being used.

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