It is certainly a sign of impending apocalypse seems that Microsoft operating systems have "flavor" than Apple.

I refer, of course, to use Apple's unexplained skeuomorphic IOS application design and OS X in macbook air battery , and in contrast to the avoidance of the strengths of Microsoft of these tricks with cheese on Windows 8 and Windows Mobile user interface.

Skeuomorphic design in software development is that "decorates" the interface with the false reality - for example analog buttons or torn paper. The problem is worse than it looks.

Apple Bad Taste

Last skeuomorph Apple a1185 is one of the worst. The Company podcast application, which was launched in June, reality shows to play a tape-to-reel, while the podcast is. Do people under 30 in what is a tape reel to reel?

The calendar application for the iPhone has torn the paper, suggesting that previous months have been interrupted by a physical calendar. Give me a break. The a1175 iPhoto application for IOS "desaturate" large brushes, fugly "Red Eye" as a repair and if there is anything in the real world, you can desaturate with a brush. Both iBooks IOS applications and magazines show a shelf fine-grained wood, where you feel its natural content.

There are many other examples in Apple's desktop and mobile user interfaces.

To make matters worse (ie more flavor) is that the idea is not universal among skeuomorph applications, is still used in a visually consistent across the applications you already have a design skeuomorphic treatment.

The application is arbitrary and inconsistent Apple mb772 skeuomorphs, this is another point of bad taste.

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