U.DTR also Ultra desktop replacement, and that's exactly what it promises ... Eliminate the defects of both laptops and desktops, to form an extremely versatile replacement device. The most obvious new feature is the touch screen 'mouth', which raises the monitor to a comfortable height, similar to a desktop computer. Did we mention it's touch screen! Other extras include a keyboard at an angle, ergonomic, carefully placed connections and reduced weight of the battery.

Another drastic redesign is U.DTR main battery replacement. Due to their high energy consumption and working hours are desktop replacements are almost always connected to a desktop to the power grid. In this scenario, the internal battery is partially wide up to 50% of the total weight. For this reason, with U.DTR developed a small, built-in battery, while an external battery pack provides extended power.

Designer: Marin Myftiu Dell D631 battery


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