Samsung and screens, it's a long love and the South Korean manufacturer has just proved once again unveiling new slabs especially designed for touch tablets, of course, but also for computers history phones. Why are they special? They simply enjoy a high definition, one can reach up to 2560 x 1600 for the screens ... 10.1 inches. Yes, friends, you read that right and it's not a mistake, Samsung bp70a battery is now capable of producing 10-inch screens displaying as high as that of screens 13.3-inch MacBook Pro Retina definition. And both say that this portends good things in perspective.

These are two new screens that have been put forward by Samsung slb 10a battery. First, we have to talk about as it is this 10.1 inch screen is capable of displaying 2560 x 1600 without flinching. All with a resolution of 299 dpi. A great performance, yes, but that is not very surprising, since the company had already hit hard with the Nexus 10 presented last year.

The second Fujitsu fpcbp176 screen, meanwhile, takes the idea even further. It is indeed a 13.3 inch screen that displays a record definition because up until 3200 x 1800 or better than the Retina MacBook Pro 15-inch, and even better than the Chromebook pixels. Recall that these actually show respectively a resolution of 2800 x 1800 and 2560 x 1700. Resolution, however, does not exceed 276 dpi, but it's still better than machines mentioned a little earlier.

However, the best is yet to come. For another Fujitsu fpcbp155ap feature of these screens is that they consume less energy and more. According to figures announced by Samsung, we speak of a gain exceeding 30%, which will be of interest to everybody who attaches great importance to the autonomy of their terminals.

Then of course, there will be a few months before seeing the first machines taking advantage of these new screens, but nonetheless it is still very promising on paper, especially for those who handle a lot of images.

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