Toshiba launches in France the Qosmio X870-156, a versatile laptop performance 17.3-inch gamer oriented works in Intel Chief River and Windows 8 platform. For less than 1400 euros, it incorporates a dedicated graphics card Nvidia premium associated with Optimus technology, Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, a good amount of RAM, hard drive capacity, a Full HD panel, a keyboard chiclet backlit, a Harman Kardon audio solution but also a connectivity including HDMI, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and Intel Wireless Display.

The Toshiba pa3534u-1brs Qosmio X870-156 is for those who have a good budget and want to be equipped with a versatile laptop size but big powerful players.

To attract them, it incorporates a dedicated high-end graphics card, the GeForce GTX 670M. Admittedly, this is not the most recent time with his Fermi architecture in 40nm whereas the GTX 670MX Version advantage of Kepler 28nm but it appears nevertheless powerful. The user can through her indulge in her favorite games, including the newest and resource intensive 3D with minor concessions in the past.

Toshiba pa3535u 1brs must be said that the high resolution Full HD slab requires more calculations to the GPU as 1366x768 for example implying a lower number of fps for the same game and gave little impact on the flow. Despite all thanks to the power of the GTX 670M, many titles can pass a good level of detail in native resolution on this laptop.

The Toshiba pa3819u-1brs screen therefore offers a large, well suited for HD content viewing and leisure space and especially the HD video playback with the 16:9 format and glossy treatment that brings out the colors but appears susceptible to reflections . So, the lack of Blu-Ray reader will annoy some.

Remains with his nice amount of RAM and 8 GB Core i7-3630QM processor, this laptop delivers solid performance in all situations, including of course in multitasking that allows you to see ahead. In addition, these components are very well suited for demanding applications in RAM and CPU resources exploiting four cores Ivy Bridge processor, which is the case for example in 3D, video editing and photo editing made: the treatments are so much more fast with 4GB DDR3 and a Dual Core processor.

If the GeForce GTX 670M is requested during heavy graphics work, the Toshiba pa3451u 1brs laptop is running on maximum graphics Intel HD 4000 integrated Core i7. Although less powerful though it can still handle 1080p HD video, it is also more energy efficient resulting in greater autonomy.

It's Optimus technology which is responsible for the switch to Intel HD 4000 GeForce GTX 670M and vice versa automatically and in real time according to the tasks requested by the user.

This Toshiba satellite p300 battery laptop also enjoys a good connectivity, including wireless with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi modules n with Intel Wireless Display technology to stream to a TV WiDi or connected to adequate housing content on the PC and to the distance and wireless.

The connector also includes four USB 3.0 compatible USB 2.0 delivers faster transfers than USB 2.0 if one branch of USB 3.0 devices, two of which are equipped with the technology to recharge Sleep'N'Charge a small device even if the PC is in standby or off. In these states, it is also possible to stream on-speaker Harman Kardon music from a small device (MP3 player that) plugged into the microphone jack. We also found the headset and Ethernet ports as well as HDMI and VGA video outputs to easily practice connecting the computer to a TV for example.

For Toshiba satellite a305 battery part, the hard disk has a capacity of 1000 GB can store it so many diverse and varied files also install amount of games and software. However bad it is not faster which would further strengthened system responsiveness that no shortage still at the base.

Finally, we appreciate the chiclet keyboard keys can be backlit which is important to distinguish them in the dark.

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