Apple has been working to improve the safety for users of its online offerings or services. For this purpose, the company has introduced a new verification method for Apple macbook pro battery ID and iCloud accounts that will hamper unauthorized access to it significantly. In the past, there was criticism of the security policy of Apple, was among other things, as the journalist Mat Honan from Wired Magazine prominent victim of a hacker attack.

The revised security system Apple now provides that the user accounts can only be accessed after a successful identity verification. Apple macbook pro 17 battery sends out to a four-digit security code to a previously authorized by the user mobile device, which is requested, inter alia, in the Account login or app purchase. The combination can be received via SMS or Find my iPhone app. Similar security mechanisms, for example, Google used for years for its online services, such as the blog 9to5Mac writes.

The trusted mobile device, according to Apple macbook pro 13 battery customers can specify existing information in their account on the Apple ID website. There, the new authentication system can also be activated and deactivated.

It also divides Apple macbook pro 15 batteryusers with a so-called Recovery Key, which acts as a final backup instance and is used when someone forgets his account password or loses his authorized. Apple expects users to print out this code number and keep safe.

In Germany, the new security system is currently still not active. Apple launches it first only in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland. Will be added when new regions is currently unknown.

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