The HP 650 (C1N06EA) is a new 15.6-inch laptop that runs on Intel platform Huron River. It is currently marketed for sale at 379 euros flash with a Pentium Dual Core, good storage space, a slab glare but also connectivity including HDMI and Bluetooth. It also offers a self-announced Windows 6:00 8.

The HP 650 (C1N06EA) and HP 610 battery is a traditional laptop format suitable for everyday use.

It has a reflective panel that shows treated tiring on the eyes than glossy screen in the long run but also less prone to glare making it more readable in bright environments. However, are no surprise and classic definition of 1366 × 768 and 16:9 format well suited to playing videos.

The graphics Intel HD 2000 integrated in the processor allows the user to just watch videos, but also photos. But offers poor performance and will not satisfy gamers though of course subject to concessions can occasionally handle older titles undemanding 3D resources.

HP 615 battery Performance side always, 4GB of RAM and a Pentium Dual Core B980 Sandy Bridge delivers good performance in current use and multitasking too pushed and thus quite suitable for use so-called office. Scalability is also implementation since a RAM slot is free, which add a bar in the future to increase the amount of DDR3 if needed.

The connection it is very correct with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi n to communicate and connect remotely and wireless, its HDMI and VGA video outputs to easily connect the practices to a computer monitor or TV for example, its Ethernet and audio ports as well as its 3 USB. Certainly may regret the absence of USB 3.0, but it is difficult to criticize this model for this price level.

As for the hard drive, it offers a good capacity of 500 GB and it can store many different files and different but also install a lot of software. Note also that the keyboard has no numeric keypad which may put off some.

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