From this position, the lid can simply be folded over the keyboard - in principle as if one were to close normally, but this time just after the top of the display. This design you see today as I said not very often, but a few years ago, this was the standard for PC-based tablets and convertibles. Many of the recently introduced hybrid devices or convertibles on Windows 8-based, however, have, for example, monitors, that you can remove it and use as a standalone tablet, or fold the display just completely on the bottom of the device so that the keyboard in tablet mode freely lies, or slide down the screen almost like slider smartphones on the device keypad.

The hinge on the twist feels anyway to robust and trustworthy - and this is particularly important, since it is only this is a point at which all issues arising from the display motion forces attack. In the past, have Lenovo Convertibles with this technique proved to be reliable in our experience, and the hinge of the Twist hopefully the same applies. For first or unthinking gross motor way, there is a tiny arrow that indicates the direction of rotation of the lenovo g430 battery display. A bit of caution is certainly the word: If the display with power running in the wrong direction, that will probably not go out well. But Lenovo has in the past sometimes even convertibles produced with central hinge, where you could rotate the display in both directions. Perhaps it is also again at some point, would be great.

Folded in the tablet mode, the one of the best twist Windows 8 devices we have come across. The chassis feels generally pleasant to slim (even if it is in a completely different league moves as Apple's iPad or Microsoft's Surface) and the touch screen responds very quickly and accurately. On the other hand, possessed all of us have tested Windows 8 notebooks with excellent touch screen.

The accelerometer of our test model, which is to align the screen again when playing around the tablet in portrait mode or spins aligned, however a bit. Often enough, he responded either too sensitive or not sensitive enough - and rarely rotates the image 90 degrees, even though the device unmoved in notebook mode on your lap is. If that happens, it takes a lot Geruckel and turnery, the screen orientation computer back into a normal state. This is a problem we also had been with other Windows-8-notebook - just not to this extent.

The Iceland-keyboard is very good and the product of years of research by Lenovo ThinkPad x61 battery . What distinguishes them from similar keyboards, the slightly hollowed lower edge of each key, which means fewer typos. The buttonless clickpad is also excellent and one of the most reactive Windows-8-touch pad at all. At this point you have to take course on the wasted space on the click pad, which is occupied by the mouse buttons for the embedded between the G, B and H keys TrackPoint. Any feedback is really necessary: ​​Who today still uses a TrackPoint is not also stop. And who has not yet begun to do this will probably not continue.

The lenovo n200 battery display itself is behind a full-surface, edge-to-edge glass-ranging cover that provides a superior first impression. The 12.5 inch display has a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Although this is less than many other premium touchscreen laptops with Windows 8, but on the other hand also not completely undersized for a 899 euro expensive device. In the display, an IPS panel is blocked, so that even at extremely wide viewing angles even a good picture is given - especially in tablet mode is very important.

Connections, performance and battery life

As for connectivity, the lenovo c100 battery twist for a 12.5-inch-notebook with a touch screen is relatively well equipped. Although you need adapter for the video output, but if the next time someone says that can be in a flat Convertible Laptop accommodate not a full Ethernet port, one needs simply twist the show. A few things you need to quickly access in tablet mode (for example, physical volume buttons and the power button), Lenovo has moved to the lid, but the actual interfaces are all located at the base of the unit.

We tested the 899-Euro version of Twist puts the fast 1.7 GHz Intel processor Core i5-3317U, which is also in many other Windows 8 laptops like ThinkPad w500 battery . There are also four gigabytes of RAM, a 500 GB HDD and 24 GB of SSD for faster startup of the operating system and applications. All in all, this is certainly not the best equipment that can be found in this price range, who seeks finds, surely a full-fledged notebook with SSD instead of a HDD. But one should also remember the high haptic and build quality of the Lenovo does not twist that is finally worth a lot.

In our benchmark tests, the twist is not surprising at the same level as other Windows-8-notebooks with the Core i5-3317U. All these systems have more than enough performance for office tasks, HD video playback and web browsing. In video games, it looks completely different: only with Intel's integrated graphics solution equipped HD Graphics 4000, is limited to the Twist and other devices of its kind to older games or on the casual class. Demanding modern games you can run best with lowest detail settings. But if gaming is the main priority, it is unlikely to look for a ThinkPad.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist ThinkPad sl510 battery is at first glance an anachronism from the early days of touch-enabled convertible notebooks. The design with the central hinge jumping is not quite as striking as the reclining, folding or sliding ultramodern competition, but nevertheless represents the twist sleek and completely fully usable convertible device with good tablet mode represents But above all is the Twist thin ultraportable notebook with a casing made of magnesium alloy and one of the best keyboards that can be found in this price range.

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