To the Ultrabook label may be used, a notebook to meet a number of requirements from Intel, although a certain level of performance and ensure pleasant user experience, but also the price increase. For more notebooks to the man to bring out the manufacturers with copies that do not have all the luxurious amenities of Ultrabooks capability but the slick appearance of these models. HP does so under the predicate Sleekbook.

The Ultrabook requirements that include notebooks HP pavilion dv7 battery , in order to obtain this label, some Intel components on board must have one energy efficient Intel Core processor is the most important. It should in addition to a number of other requirements. For example, a laptop among other thin and fast to boot. The latter is just as Intel-a costly requirements , a fast boot media is required, or at least an accelerated medium such as a hard disk caching. Let manufacturers that part away because of the price level, then they must have a different name for this thin notebooks invent.

So you have HP Sleekbooks with AMD processor, but also with an Intel Core i3 chip as in the device we are discussing today: an Ultrabook that does not quite meet the requirements and therefore should be cheaper than a real Ultrabook . The HP pavilion dv4 battery Sleekbook b14-B000ed (C5R96EA) costs an average of 599 euros. For that money, few Ultrabooks available, all makes Acer S3 with its all a nice attempt. In this case, the reason that it is not a HP Ultrabook may call the absence of a rapid start-up SSD.

Apart from that, HP g7000 battery is an average boarding Ultrabook. 14 inches tall with a 1366x768 TN panel with a shiny finish and no touch. With 14 inches, he is slightly more compact than a regular laptop that is generally equipped with a 15.6 inch screen. That makes him something manageable. The weight of 1.8 kg is average for a laptop of this size. The housing is made of plastic, bottom matte and shiny black top.

The processor is coupled with an Intel HM77 chipset. On the board there is room for two memory modules, one of which is filled with a DDR3-1600 memory. The hard drive comes from the factory of Hitachi and is a 5400 RPM model with a storage capacity of 500 GB. The slim shape of the laptop is made possible because a DVD burner is omitted.

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