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Toshiba launches eight new Satellite C series notebooks on the German market. All units are shipped with Windows 8 in the 64-bit version and will cost 500 to 600 euros.

For five of the Newcomers are Satellite C870 models with a 17.3-inch display and a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels boast. The Toshiba satellite p300 battery and C870-1EW is equipped with an Intel dual-core processor of the type Core i3-2310M (Sandy Bridge, 2.1 GHz clock speed, Intel HD Graphics 3000) provided that variants C870D-11E, C870D-11P, C870D-11T and C870D-11V, by contrast with the AMD dual-core APU equipped E1-1200 (1.4 GHz clock frequency), which has an integrated graphics unit called Radeon HD 7310th

The three remaining units have a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels and exclusively Intel CPUs. In the models Toshiba satellite c655 battery C850 and C850-1JZ-1JV again puts the Intel Core i3-2310M and a graphics card of this type of AMD Radeon HD 7610M, the Toshiba C855-21V packs the Intel Core i3-2370m (Sandy Bridge, 2.4 GHz clock frequency , Intel HD Graphics 3000).

The Toshiba satellite p105 battery notebooks also have up to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, to offer hard drives with capacities up to 640 gigabytes and support for Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n. An external interfaces depending on the model, up to three USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, an HDMI and a VGA port ready.

Toshiba launches new Satellite C all models now on sale. Satellite C870D-11E, C870D-11P, 11T-C870D, C870D-11V and-21V C855 will be offered at a suggested retail price of 499 euros. Satellite C870-1EW, Satellite C850-C850-1JV and 1JZ ones would cost 599 euros.

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Dell is introducing two new Ultrabooks with the name Dell xps 14 battery and XPS 15th The two super-thin laptops come in contrast to the currently available Dell XPS 13 is not only updated with the latest Ivy Bridge processors from Intel and dedicated Nvidia graphics chips, but also the display to Dell.

While the Dell XPS 13 installed a 13.3-inch display with a standard resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, the new XPS models in aluminum housing, a 14 - and 15.6-inch display with the durable Gorilla Glass be used. To set the picture, despite increased screen size as little pixelated look, the manufacturer uses in the XPS 14 on a panel with a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels, even the XPS 15 features a full-HD display.

For the pixels creating the XPS 14 engages back to a dedicated graphics in the form of the Nvidia GT 630M, which however is based on the not-so-fresh Fermi architecture. Alternatively, there's the laptop without dedicated graphics. Dell xps 15 battery also either the GT 630M or GT 640M expects stronger with 2 GB of video memory from the current-generation Kepler. Both notebook models engage in low load graphics via Nvidia's Optimus technology back to the low-power HD 4000 in the Intel processors. The older XPS 13, however, only has access to the comparatively weak Intel HD 3000.

The XPS 14 with the dinuclear Core i7-3667U (or i7-3517U, i5-3427U, i5-3317U) stores up to 500 GB of data on a hard drive, 512 GB on a SSD or 532 GB on a HDD-SSD combo . The maximum Speicheraustattung the XPS 15 is composed of a 1-TB hard drive and 128-gigabyte SSD or an SSD with 512 GB of space for rich data. XPS-15-prospects with less money, there is the new Dell machine with 500 GB to 1-TB drive 32 GB flash memory or just a 1-TB hard drive with no flash.

The CPU models in the large XPS does not come from the power-saving ULV series from Intel, but with the quad-core Core i7-3612QM or the two Kernern i7-3520m, i5-3320m and i5-3210m, each with a 6cell Dell studio xps 16 battery power consumption of 35 watts from the chip series of regular notebooks. Thus, the mobile processors approve more than twice as much power as the Core i CPUs in the XPS 14 (17 watt TDP). Taking a look at the altitude of the XPS 15, you'll notice, however, that the device is no longer with his Ultrabook 23.2 millimeters, strictly speaking, but a very slim notebook. The XPS 14 is 4 to 8 GB of RAM, the XPS 15 up to a whopping 16 GB of RAM possible.

Besides the normal XPS-14-series, Dell also still WWAN versions of the 14-inch device. Mobile Broadband or Wireless Wide Area Network, ie including for mobile radio standards such as UMTS or LTE and the newer and more upbeat. The XPS 14 with the addition WWAN differs so far from the regular XPS 14 as you surf with him not only by n-Fi, but also outside in the UMTS network (HSPA + up).

The other distinguishing features are the height, the design, the total memory and the graphics card configuration. Thus, the XPS 14 is thick with UMTS 23.2, comes with either 500 GB HDD or 512 GB SSD and gives graphical computations on the Intel HD 4000 continues - the stronger GeForce GT 630M does not Dell. The back of Dell dressed in the full-grain leather, this species is of high quality and of course, because it shows the skin irregularities of the animal. What makes for an unusual feel is visually but certainly not necessarily everyone's thing.

All new Dell notebooks and Ultrabooks you can now order with Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. The XPS 14 will cost from around 1,200 euros, the XPS 15 series starts at 1,300 euros.

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Fujitsu offers a fujitsu lifebook ah530 battery 15.6 inch less than 400 euros Intel Calpella platform with a Pentium Dual Core processor, good storage space and connectivity including Bluetooth, HDMI and ExpressCard. A pair of external speakers is also provided with this PC.

Available for less than 400 euros here in Materiel.net with a pair of speakers (and a 2GB module to move to DDR3 4GB DDR3), Fujitsu LifeBook AH530 with fpcbp177 that is positioned in the small category average.

With Pentium Dual Core P6200 and 4 GB of RAM (2 GB + base module 2 GB available), fujitsu lifebook e8110 battery delivers good performance in current use (office, surfing the internet) and multitasking too pushed. It can also play videos and can play tracks with his part-efficient Intel GMA HD integrated processor.

The fujitsu lifebook t5010 battery display also features a 16:9 format well suited for this purpose. Its characteristics are typical for a 15.6-inch glossy treatment that revives color but appears prone to glare and a definition of 1366 × 768.

Its connections, however, is more interesting than many more expensive models. It incorporates modules Wi-Fi n and Bluetooth for wireless communication, Ethernet and audio ports, three USB 2.0 fpcbp200 battery and VGA video outputs and HDMI. The latter allows for example to connect the laptop to a TV or monitor. And if USB 3.0 is absent, we can still benefit by acquiring a suitable map that can lodge in the ExpressCard slot.

This fujitsu lifebook lh530 battery notebook also offers good storage space and a connector provided more than many more expensive models. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, VGA, audio ports, Ethernet, 3 USB 2.0, but also an ExpressCard slot are present. With it, we can for example enjoy USB 3.0 via a dedicated card.

The screen itself adopts standard features with 1366 × 768 resolution, 16:9 format and brilliant treatment. Finally, the pair of speakers comes with should deliver superior sound to PC speakers.


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The HP Pavilion g6-2245sf laptop is a sweet price 15.6 inch suitable for everyday use. It runs Comal platform AMD Trinity APU with a Dual Core A4, a large storage space but also connectivity including USB 3.0 6Cell hp vp502aa battery and HDMI, all for less than 400 euros at this moment during a flash sale. And now he is eligible for cashback of up to 100 euros HP.

It has technology ProtectSmart hard drive protection like HP pavilion dv2000 battery against shocks and falls through a 3D accelerometer that detects as well as CoolSense designed to maintain temperatures at a reasonable level. The HP Pavilion g6-2245sf may interest those who wish to invest in a laptop inexpensive standard format for everyday use.

It has good connectivity including HDMI and VGA video outputs like HP g5000 battery for easy connection to a TV or monitor, for example, audio and Ethernet ports, a Wi-Fi module n to connect to remote wireless and 3 all USB ports compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, USB 3.0 ensures faster transfers than USB 2.0 if one branch of USB 3.0 devices.

HP g7000 battery Hard disk also offers a large capacity of 750 GB and can accommodate many different files and different but also many software and games. If it is not designed for gamers, this laptop can still run games undemanding to resources through the 3D part HD7420G Radeon integrated into the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) which allows you to view photos and videos, including HD 1080p.

The HP g50 battery screen adopts also unsurprisingly a 16:9 format well suited to playing videos with a brilliant treatment that revives color but proves sensitive to glare and a definition of 1366 × 768, the classical sum for a 15.6 inches.

Finally thanks to its 4 GB of HP 485041-003 RAM and Trinity APU Dual Core A4-4300M, this laptop is well suited to use so-called office, ie for everyday use and multitasking too pushed enough to run multiple applications simultaneously limiting their number, however if you want to launch a resource-intensive software in order not to suffer slowdowns.


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Toshiba satellite p200 battery presents the Qosmio X870 series two notebooks for gamers and multimedia users. The top model comes with 3D screen, 16 gigabytes (GB) of memory and a terabyte (TB) hard drive capacity.

The Qosmio X870-13T models and X870-141 differ only in terms of labor and mass storage, and display. The latter is both 17.3 inches tall, but only when equipped with the 13T Active Shutter 3D technology. Two shutter glasses are included. The 141 comes with eight GB of memory, which offers twice as much RAM 13T. And the hard disk capacity is higher: Toshiba pa3450u 1brscombines a 128 GB SSD with a 1 TB dual-drive. At 141 summarizes the 750 GB HDD, the SSD is the same.

Both notebooks Toshiba satellite l500 battery are working with an Intel Core i7-3630QM at 2.4 GHz, as graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M is used. Four USB 3.0 ports are available, two of them even when the computer power supply. Other interfaces include HDMI, Gigabit-LAN, a memory card reader, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth 4.0. The complete features a Blu-ray burner (13T) and a Blu-ray drive (141) and a webcam with a resolution of two megapixels.

The good quality comes at a price: Toshiba satellite p300 battery calls a suggested retail price of € 2,200, the Qosmio X870-13T and 1,900 euros for the Qosmio X870-141.

Time of testing, the Toshiba Qosmio X870 and Toshiba satellite a505 battery offers in three different variants. Is the introduction to the series it for 1799.00 euros with the X870-124. There are then the Intel Core i7-3610QM that. Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M with CUDA and Optimus, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 750 GB hard drive A large 128 GB SSD drive and a Blu-Ray drive are also on board.

The next larger model, the X870-11D for 1899.00 euros. Processor, hard disk drive and graphics card remain the same compared to the smaller model, Toshiba pa3634u 1bas doubled here but the RAM. So the X870-11D comes to 16 GB of DDR3 RAM.

The top model of the series, the X870-119, which we have at present for the following test costs 2199.00 euros. Unlike the other two models, it features a 3D-capable Full HD display and a 1 TB hard drive. But here you have to forego the automatic graphics switching Nvidia Optimus.


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With the Developer Edition brings Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook one for developers to market. The operating system is Ubuntu's free to use.

As Ars Technica reports, Dell latitude d810 battery has in the United States launched a new Ultrabook on the market. Special feature: The Ubuntu Linux distribution to replace the XPS 13 Developer Edition, the Windows operating system. The housing of the device consists of carbon and aluminum. Inside potter a "Core i7" processor from Intel and eight gigabytes of memory. Data back up to the 256-gigabyte SSD storage. The 13.3-inch display dissolves with 1366x768 pixels. Corning Gorilla Glass to protect it from scratches.

As the name suggests, the device is particularly suitable for developers. For this reason, Dell latitude e4200 battery expanded the Ubuntu version 12.04LTS to various software packages and tools. In the U.S., the XPS 13 is available immediately from Developer Edition for 1449 U.S. dollars. Beginning of 2013, the Ultrabook come on the market in Germany.

Dell w953g 's internal work on the so-called Sputnik project is bearing fruit: Along with Ubuntu developer Canonical presents the U.S. computer manufacturer a Linux Ultrabook, which will be marketed under the official name "Dell XPS 13Developer Edition". The device differs from the known optically non-Windows variant and is available in a single powerful configuration, including the operating system Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

The Developer Edition of the XPS 13 has the same 13.3-inch display with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels as it has during the Windows model was used. Under the hood Dell gp952 grabs an Intel Ultrabook processor type Core i7-3517U, which has one base clock of 1.9 GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 3.0 gigahertz. The CPU to the side are 8 gigabytes of memory and a 256-gigabyte SSD, for the image display to the internal graphics unit of the Intel CPU (HD Graphics 4000) is responsible.

When pre-installed operating system Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is a version of the distribution that can score with long-term support from Canonical. In addition to Dell p5413 's Linux Ultrabook a set of developer tools are immediately available. This includes some of the cloud services integrator called Juju, which can be over 100 services like WordPress or the Java framework include in your project. Or jointly developed software tools from Dell and Canonical, who are currently still in beta, but will be provided to developers for testing.

Dell offers the 1.36 kg heavy and 18 millimeters thick Developer Edition of the XPS 13 and Dell xps 17 battery at the time being only in the U.S. and Canada. A publication on the European market is also provided. The selling price currently amounts to 1,449 U.S. dollars.


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