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According to reports, Sony is planning to introduce an 84-inch 4K LCD television at upcoming consumer electronics fair IFA in Berlin, which runs Aug 31 to Sept 5.

These rumours come from an Aug 23 report on Cnet.com which claimed a source “speaking on the condition of anonymity” revealed that Sony would be unveiling an 84 inch TV that can display a huge 4,096×3,072 pixels — four times the number in a normal HD — a display which is known as 4K.

According to the report, the TV will also feature a sidelit LCD panel, removable speakers and was described by the sources as having a “re-imagined retro-style appearance with a modern twist”.

Though 4K broadcasts may not be on the immediate horizon, 4K technology is expected to be one of the leading consumer entertainment trends at this year’s IFA.
Earlier this week, LG revealed the world’s first 84inch 4K Ultra Definition 3D TV in Seoul, Korea.

IFA is one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics fairs world and is often used as a product launching pad by big name manufacturers.



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Lenovo IdeaPad G580 and ideapad s10 battery sells its (MAA4UFR), a 15.6-inch laptop for everyday use with an Ivy Bridge Core i5 relatively efficient, good amount of RAM and disk space as well as the USB 3.0. It appears flash sale 529 euros platform Intel Huron River.

The Lenovo IdeaPad G580 (MAA4UFR) is a laptop-sized classic is destined for everyday use.

In this area, its performance is able to satisfy as many users including multitasking thanks to 4GB RAM and generation processor Core i5 Ivy Bridge 22nm 3 hours last lenovo y510 battery .

Its graphic part is indented. It is entrusted to the Intel HD 4000 integrated Ivy Bridge which provides modest benefits but still shows occasionally capable of running games undemanding 3D resources. It can also play without concern for 1080p HD video and 3 hours with ThinkPad x61 battery.

The ThinkPad sl400 battery screen also adopts a treatment that brings out the brilliant colors and a 16:9 format that is well suited to playing videos, but 720p 1366 × 768 off Full HD, the classic sum for 15.6 inches.

Many ThinkPad x200 battery software but also many different and varied files can be installed and stored on the hard disk drive that offers good capacity of 500 GB

Finally, it is far from its connections with unworthy able to attract many users with ThinkPad t410s battery. Are indeed present modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n for communications and wireless connections at distances, audio and Ethernet ports as well as three USB ports including 2 USB 3.0 on which you can connect USB 2.0 devices as well as USB 3.0 to enjoy faster transfers than USB 2.0.


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The HP Pavilion g7-2140sf is a new versatile laptop with 17.3-inch Intel platform running Huron River with Sandy Bridge processor Pentium Dual Core, AMD graphics card recent mid-range, good storage space and that connectivity including HDMI and USB 3.0, all for less than 500 euros.

It's CoolSense technology features designed to keep ev087aa temperatures at a reasonable level as well as ProtectSmart protects the hard drive against bumps and drops, the latter being detected using a 3D accelerometer.

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter includes limited versions of Word and Excel. It is possible to enjoy all the features of the suite Office by purchasing an activation card (or a version box) from Microsoft or resellers partners.

The HP 484170-001 Pavilion g7-2140sf laptop is a great format that may interest those looking for a versatile model.

One of its strengths is undoubtedly its dedicated graphics card for mid-range Radeon HD7670M. With it, no problem to play 1080p HD video with hstnn-db42 battery but also to play if you simply titles too resource intensive 3D. In this area to engage in more demanding opus, we can lower the screen resolution and / or levels of detail in order to maintain good flow.

Its connectivity is also interesting, with the presence of three USB ports including 2 USB 3.0 to enjoy faster transfers than USB 2.0 if one branch of USB 3.0 devices. These USB 3.0 can also host USB 2.0 and USB 2.0 PC USB 3.0 device, the standards are compatible in hstnn-ib51 .

Also present a module wireless n Wi-Fi for remote connections, Ethernet and audio ports not to mention HDMI and VGA video outputs to easily connect the computer to a TV or monitor, for example.

The hard drive has for its part a good capacity of 640 GB and compaq nc6400 battery to install providing many software but also to store a lot of files and varied.

The HP pavilion dv3 battery screen is classic with its definition of 1600 × 900, the 16:9 format that is well suited to video playback and processing that enhances colors bright but proves sensitive to glare. We can not expect better at this price level, especially as many more expensive models displayed similar characteristics.

Finally, 4GB of RAM and processor Sandy Bridge Pentium Dual Core B950 guarantee good performances in current use and multitasking too pushed, what suitable for use referred to as "office".


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Details: 11.6-inch display (1366 x 768), Intel Core i7-3667U (2.0 / 3.2 GHz), 4 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, HD Webcam (720p), Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G modem (HSPA +), fingerprint reader, 1.4 kg

The HP EliteBook 2170p is a compact business laptop, which would go through smoothly as Ultrabook, if it were a little flatter. The compact design (11.6-inch display) and low weight. (1.4 kg) as well as the built-Technology (Intel Core processors the third generation, faster SSD storage) actually deserve the name Ultrabook with HP g42 battery

The "EliteBook" in the name betrays: The model clearly aimed at business users. This is underlined by the robust housing, the various interfaces and security features. Thus, the EliteBook 2170p has a fingerprint reader, a smart card reader and even a 3G wireless modem compaq presario cq42 battery. Also an HD webcam for video conferencing can not be missing.

HP EliteBook 2170p with 11.6 - and the HP EliteBook 2570p 12.5-inch display. The two newcomers to the EliteBook series of HP ks524aa each have matte displays with 1366 × 768 pixels resolution and is based on Intel Core processors the 3rd Generation based on the "Sandy Bridge" architecture. What chips are installed, HP also revealed in this case, yet. What is certain is that the devices have more than enough power for mobile use in store and still can show long durations of around 8 hours.

Both models share the facilities with up to 16 GB of DDR3 RAM that can be installed on two slots ks525aa. There is always a choice of hard drives with 320, 500 or 750 GB SSDs and with 128, 180 or 256 gigabytes. At 2170p, there are two USB 3.0 ports, one of which may serve to charging of external devices. When installed HP 2570p a normal USB 2.0, a USB 3.0 port and a combined eSATA/USB-3.0-Anschluss.

Added one DisplayPort and VGA-out, Ethernet and audio ports üblchen. The HP EliteBook 2170p has either. A 4-cell hp wd548aa battery with 30 watt hours or a 6-cell battery with 48 watt hours The HP EliteBook 2570p, the customer has a choice of 3 -. And 6-cell batteries with capacities of 31, 55 or 62 watt-hours The 11.6-inch model is 1.92 inches thick, while the 12.5-inch device comes to whole 3.28 inches. The weight is at 1.31 and 1.63 kg respectively.

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With the E17-series Sony Vaio multimedia notebook comes with a large 17-inch display and a lot of fittings. Details: 17.3-inch display (1920 x 1080), vgp-bps12 Intel Core i7-3612QM, 8 GB RAM, 750 GB HDD, Blu-ray, Radeon HD 7650M, USB 3.0, Webcam, Windows 7

Look at pictures or entertainment on an extra-wide screen with high contrast and vivid colors. The large LCD display with LED backlight provides an enhanced web experience, more space for everyday computing and playback of movies with reduced black bars. The life of the VAIO vgp-bpl2c display, thanks to anti-scratch coating, extremely long. Liquid picture with fast action scenes thanks to strong graphics card.

Now you no longer have to wait a long time to edit multimedia files. Use. Combined eSATA / USB port to transfer data up to five times faster than sending a standard USB 2.0 port, or do you work with vgp-bps22a USB ports
Just touch the WEB button. Within no time you are online. You can quickly check your e-mail before you leave home. You can also scroll with the multi-touch trackpad and back.

With a large 17.3-inch dispaly the Sony Vaio E17 qualified finest multimedia experience - especially in the luxury version (E1711X1EB) with Full HD vgp-bps8a screen. So you can savor its benefits also true is equal to or a Blu-ray drive on board. Where claims are present multimedia, it also needs appropriate hardware. In E1711X1EB means: the latest Intel Core i7-3612QM with Ivy Bridge technology, and a dedicated graphics card of the brand AMD Radeon HD 7650M.

Thanks to Rapid Wake Technology allows the vgp-bps9a Vaio E17 quickly into sleep and wakeup. An extra large touchpad to ensure comfortable operation, meanwhile, Sony promises of the installed technology xLOUD the appropriate audio accompaniment.

The E17 models from Sony are available from the end of June in the colors black and white, each in "wrap style", according to Sony vgp-bps10, which reminds of a folded t-shirt (of course only in the closed state). Besides the described top model even cheaper trim levels are available, prices start from only 699 francs.


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It's interesting that Sony describes the VAIO SVT13114GXS as an Ultrabook that's designed to contain "all the connectivity ports that other Ultrabook laptops may lack," when it contains only two USB ports--both located right next to each other. Sure, it might have VGA- and HDMI-out ports, too, but that doesn't make up for the system’s myriad issues.

This business-oriented Ultrabook is pretty and light, but if you're thinking about purchasing it, you really need to know what your priorities are. It has below-average general performance, a dim screen, and a clean-but-quiet headphone jack, but it also has an excellent keyboard and trackpad. So what's really important to you?

Our review model, which costs $849 as configured, has a third-generation Ivy Bridge Intel Core i5-3317U processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive with a 32GB SSD as a hard drive cache. This VAIO Ultrabook also sports a 13.3-inch screen, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0, and runs a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional.

The VAIO SVT13114GXS (Sony really needs to work on its model names) performs a little below average for its class. In PCWorld's WorldBench 7 benchmark tests, the VAIO scored a decent 126, meaning the system is 26 percent faster than our testing model, which has a second-generation Intel Core i5 desktop processor, 8GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti discrete graphics card.

Though 126 is an acceptable WorldBench 7 score for an ultraportable laptop, it's well below the average score (140) of the last three laptops we've tested. It's also significantly below the WorldBench 7 score of the Acer Aspire S5 (195), which costs more and has a dedicated SSD. A better comparison might be the Dell Latitude E6330, which outperforms the VAIO in all of the business-oriented categories, such as office productivity, Web performance, and storage, but the VAIO does have a faster startup time. Also, the VAIO is significantly smaller, lighter, and thinner than the non-Ultrabook Latitude E6330.

Like other Ultrabooks, the VAIO's graphics performance is just so-so. In our Crysis 2 graphics tests, the VAIO produced frame rates of between 9.0 (high-quality settings, 1366 by 768 pixels) and 19.1 (low-quality settings, 600 by 800 pixels) frames per second. This is below average for the category, though not by much. The last three laptops we tested averaged frame rates between 12.6 and 29.8 frames per second on the same tests.

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I owned my HP g62 battery for 2 years, it is running ok, but now My laptop fan is always running at max state with burning up and noise, what's wrong with my computer?

As mentioned earlier was to ensure that all openings are free of dust - a vacuum on the outside of the fans, while the compaq presario cq61 battery laptop is turned off will help, as well as other suggestions for buying a can of compressed air and its use for flying clear that no dust.

Also make sure the fans are not blocked or covered, if you are using, to allow maximum air flow.

Even in programs that can be seen at the start or most of the time running on the HP g61 battery laptop - right-click an empty area on the taskbar at the bottom and select "Task Manager", then click on the tab "Processes ". If you are using Windows Vista, click the button at the bottom that says something like "Show processes Show all users" then click the "% CPU" column heading to sort so that the process (program), using the CPU at the top.

What would seem to have made the most CPU usage should be "System Idle Process" but if all other methods is constantly over 50% of HP g71 battery CPU time, or a number close to that, then you might have a problem, and perhaps the program needs reform, the elimination or removal of the implementation process.

Anti-Virus Scanner Active Disk scan takes a lot of HP 530 battery computing power, but if you check every day to see what you really need a full scan every day, or is there a time to let him, but are not, you can not conflict To scan with your work?

Make sure you are getting adequate ventilation around to avoid clogging the vents.

Buy a cooling pad for ... try newegg.com

Meanwhile, bring your laptop on a different surface when you are directly above him on your lap usual. They make HP pavilion dv9000 battery portable desk to help with this problem. (Normally, a plate with a small pillow under)

You can also pop it out. I can an air compressor (can not take the form of a pressure is too high, or that could harm your computer) to do, but should work a can of compressed air. You want as much pressure to make the air a little slot (or wrinkled, if you prefer) to make, but not much mroe.

The article Via battery blog


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The compact Lenovo ThinkCentre M92P's standout feature is its small size (for a desktop PC) and easy portability, but how good a machine can come in such a small package?

Our review model, as configured, cost only $580 (as of July 19, 2012) and yet carries an Intel Core i5-3470T dual-core Ivy Bridge CPU that runs at a standard 2.9GHz or at 3.6GHz when Intel's Max Turbo Frequency kicks in. The system's 4GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM helps give the little box a bit of processing power.

The M92P earned a mark of 95 on PCWorld Labs' strenuous WorldBench 7 benchmark suite. This result indicates that the machine runs about 5 percent slower than our baseline system, a fully equipped desktop PC configured with a discrete graphics card. Achieving so similar a score with a package that measures just 7.1 inches wide by 7.2 inches deep by 1.4 inches high is an impressive feat.

 The M92P packs a 500GB hard drive that runs at 5400 rpm. Since storage is so inexpensive and quick these days, I was disappointed with Lenovo's choice of a drive that delivers subpar performance. When buying the system online, you have the option of swapping out the sluggish drive for a 128GB solid-state drive for $220 more, but giving up so much space for additional speed may not be a tough call for most nonbusiness users. To help you speed things up, Lenovo provides four USB 3.0 ports--two on the front and two on the back. A single USB 2.0 on the system itself is typically dedicated to connecting the optical drive. But you don't hav to worry about using the port for that purpose, since the optical drive has two USB 2.0 ports on it, yielding a net gain in ports when you connect the component.

 The M92P's optical drive--a standard DVD+R DL RW--is built into a tiny chassis where you dock the system. A Blu-ray drive would have been a welcome alternative to help push the system into media machine territory, but it would also have raised the system's price. On the underside of the case is a fixture that lets you attach the system to a wall or to a special monitor that Lenovo sells, turning it into an all-in-one-style desktop.

This is by no means a gaming machine. Intel's integrated HD graphics 2500 helps keep the system compact, but it also provides poor 3D graphics performance. On our graphics-intensive test games, run at high settings and the PC's maximum resolution of 1680 by 1050 pixels, the M92P struggled to generate 12.8 frames per second on Dirt 3 and a 5.2 fps on Crysis 2. This is nowhere near a playable frame rate unless you enjoy the idea of playing in slideshow motion. Even with the graphics settings lowered and the resolution dialed back to 1024 by 768 pixels, the system managed just 37.9 fps on Dirt 3 and 15.4 fps on Crysis 2.

Lenovo has done its best to ensure that this little system can stay on as long as you want it to, with proper cooling and energy efficiency. Lenovo's ICE (Intelligent Cooling Engine) feature keeps the system cool by monitoring key components in real time and providing optimum power to the fans at the right time. The M92P is also Energy Star 5.2 Certified, meaning that the machine is about as green as it can be.

Among the other ports that Lenovo included with the system are DisplayPort, VGA, gigabit ethernet, and the basic headphone/microphone jack. Unfortunately the M92P is not Wi-Fi ready out of the box, so you'll have to tack on at least $20 more for a PCI Wi-Fi adapter. I was surprised at the lack of HDMI and stereo ports to support easy hookup to an HDTV. The machine's size would make it appealing as a media streamer, but needed ports just aren't there.

The ThinkCentre M92P vastly improves on Lenovo's most recent previous compact entry, the IdeaCentre Q180 ($399 as of April 9, 2012). That machine managed a puny score of 38 on WorldBench 7, likely because of its Intel Atom D2700 processor. If you're looking for big power in a reasonably small package, however, consider the Origin Chronos ($1399 as of April 2, 2012), which received a 204 on WorldBench 7 (104 percent faster than our reference system).

The ThinkCentre M92P offers impressive processor power in a tiny package, but it lacks the support of other powerful components. It's caught between aspiring to be a full-fledged desktop and trying to be a high-quality media machine. Unfortunately, the lack of a Blu-ray drive, HDMI, stereo output, and especially Wi-Fi handicaps it in pursuing the latter goal. Charging a bit more money and equipping it to deliver on a specific function would have enabled the system to mkr a stronger argument for itself in the compact market. Still, its appeal to business users is undeniable.



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I used my Dell Inspiron 1564 for just under a year and always gets very hot and can be so hot that the fan does not stop running and just shut down. I let it cool and try again, and that would be fine for a while, but do it again. Then one day I was on it and it comes out, even if it overheats and turn not only turns the Dell logo (the fan looks like its moving), then just go to a black screen and nothing. In addition, the fan can be a funny noise now, almost like something is stuck there. I know it may be dust, but do not want to take it apart without knowing if I saw something! I write on the keyboard to see if something happens and makes three short beeps.

I have no idea how to solve this .. I opened the back and left the Dell inspiron 15r battery RAM and re-inserted, but the problem remains persistent. Please please please help me to do so in this laptop is quite expensive and now I have enough money to send a technician, (especially if I know it can be fixed myself) all responses will be very appreciated please just make it look as simple as possible, as I said I'm a bit of a dummy when it comes to laptops and technology lol. Thanks

Answers :

Common causes of overheating are

1. No air flow due to blockage of vents (caused by using laptop on lap or bredspread and not flat hard surface).

2. Dusty or clogged vents and dusty or clogged Dell xps 15 battery fan blades from using in dusty area...normal area so to speak.

3. Heavy graphics useage, as in games.

So make sure laptop is well ventalated, and make sure vents are free of dust as well as the fan.

Simply lift the handset of any flat surface cools, fresh air entering through the exit at the bottom of the Dell studio 1537 battery laptop. This will solve many problems you may have heat.

On the other hand, said he never should have your laptop in any soft surface like a pillow, a blanket, a thick carpet, etc. This will not allow fresh air into the fan inlet, and could cause more than system hang ups and permanent damage to components. Maintained in a hard, flat surface at all times.

If this fails, you might consider buying a Dell inspiron 1440 battery laptop cooler. Here are some links (provided by newegg.com) some quality coolers.

Antec Notebook Cooler Black

Hello, my friend. I think what we live is a fan failure. I would recommend changing the Dell vostro 1510 battery CPU fan. If you tend to run many programs or using a low-GHz processor (this information is in your Control Panel> System and Security> System) if you use anything less than a processor, 5 GHz and uses a large number of programs powerful, that would change your CPU (very good ones are around $ 100 - $ 200). A CPU usually come with built-in fan, I would seek help in seeking professional help to install it on your computer. I would not recommend opening your laptop, your laptop has a high voltage source, which could end up hurting yourself. Reinsert the ram would not make much difference. I hope that helped.


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